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Dawn bit the night's

Dawn bit the night's lips and left a blush on the sky. I meditated quietly and looked back on the road of growth. It was a book that accompanied me through many good times. When I was young, I would listen to my mother telling stories and dreaming before going to bed every day. Snow White, the daughter of the sea, the mermaid... I don��t know how many times, I became them, they are me, with the story of my mother, I am in the fairyland of Taoyuan, dancing in the flowers; sometimes I am devoted to the sea, hope The crystal palace in front of me was amazed; sometimes I would sit in a pumpkin carriage and become a beautiful princess. At that time, I was eager to have a world of fairy tales, where I learned to distinguish between truth and falsehood, good and evil, beauty and ugliness. I was touched by the truth, goodness and beauty, hating fake and ugly. I long for and long for every story to have a perfect ending. Growing up, I went to be young and woke up from the dream. I stood at the crossroads and started to love the novel. In the novel, I understand that the road to life is not smooth sailing, accompanied by sweat and tears. When sweat melts with tears, it will tell me that only such an experience will make life more valuable. I admire Jiang Jie in "Red Rock". She still adheres to her beliefs at the last moment of her life and writes her brilliant mission with blood and tears. The value of life must be meaningful. When looking back on the past, we should not regret it because of ignorance of the age, nor be ashamed of being inactive Wholesale Cigarettes. The novel becomes my companion, and the poetry is also my good friend. I like to hang around in the book, to understand the poet's artistic conception, and to touch the outline of the poem with imagination. Close your eyes, I seem to be able to feel the broad mind of "swinging the chest and having a cloud, and returning to the bird." I still remember Tao Yuanming's "Under the Chrysanthemum East, I saw Nanshan leisurely." On a hot summer day, the buzzing sounds from the window, the fan of the room, and the conversations of the students, all of which are inexplicable. By chance, I saw Tao Qian��s "Wang Yue", and my heart was cheerful. The book is my mentor and friend! Poetry is one of the paradise, strolling among them, delighting the eyes Marlboro Cigarettes, washing the soul, enriching the soul, let us appreciate the changing wind and the night Cheap Cigarettes, the stars in the sky, although unknown, but I will still stride forward Go, because there is a book to accompany, my heart is comfortable
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