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memory, with the past

A few days ago, my mother and I talked about the old house to be demolished. I only remembered the old house I lived in when I was a child, and the vegetable garden, the well. At that time, I always remember that the days were very fulfilling. ,very happy. That period of plain color opened a flower in the dust. I think that will be the beauty that I will look for in my future life. At that time, there was no whitewashed wall and no beautifully decorated house, but I could still sleep very well every night. At that time, there was no big-screen color TV set, and the world I saw in my black-and-white TV was still very Wonderful; there was no dazzling computer game at the time, but I could still play an afternoon in the garden, watching Yunjuan Yunshu; sitting at the well and counting the lines of the leaves, feeling the subtle pulse, gently pry open The leaves of the vegetables, the insects at the bottom are often busy, mischievously throwing a stone and blocking their way; using the stem of the sweet potato leaf, broken and peeled off the skin, made into a necklace, and then put it on the dog's On the neck, watching the dog want to tear it off with his mouth, and in the same place, a person laughed on one side. At that time. The old house left me too much mokingusacigarettes.com. At that time, the vegetable garden was my childhood paradise. In the evening, you will be unsuccessful. My mother gave birth to a cigarette, and I rolled up my trousers, picked up the kettle, and made a full pot in the well of the vegetable garden. Stepping into the mud barefoot, the soil still retains the rest of the day, soft and extreme, as if to break me into the embrace. The water sprinkles on the eucalyptus leaves, and the water drops roll back and forth, glowing with silver. The cabbage is tightly wrapped one by one, and it is extraordinarily green under the water. The yellowish cauliflower is shy in a few green leaves and invites people to pick it up. The whole garden is mixed with the aroma of the earth. The sky gradually darkened, and the frogs swayed, and the frogs swayed gently in the evening breeze. At this time, the mother called me to eat, I responded, closed the fence, leaving a quiet park. Wanjia lights, with the memory away, only heard the mother's words, I blame me for playing mud Cigarettes Online, no girl. I made a grimace to her to eat, and there was the well, the father digs to water the vegetable garden. On a hot summer day, I sneaked out and put my ankle into the well water. The feeling of coldness and coldness was very pleasant. At this time, the mother's voice came from far away: How did you put your feet in it? I sneaked away and left a string of silver bell-like laughter echoing in the garden. Fixed in that memory, with the past yellowing precipitation did not expect me to leave so many memories in the old house, so many laughter dreams back at midnight, missed the ground, like the vines entangled in the madness of the years Growing up, the vegetable garden weeds are indiscriminately flooded Cigarettes For Sale, the well water has dried up, like the eyes that can no longer shed tears, the west wind rises, the sound of the fence swaying is telling the sadness of who?rward, collecting stories from the world, pretending to carry out the sac, and enriching my feelings, but I feel that my heart is more empty. Yes, I lost the original scenery, that is a beautiful, very incomprehensible, how can this piece of sentence break together to make a good part of the old house, then it will not be said.
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