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she also and no see long Sun Heng a eye North cold

Shen Zirui of face Shi, face micro surprised, Chu Che see have real, probably even father himself are not knows himself is caught wrong has people of not before talk, Chu Xiao for immediately out of has cell, go to door at, commanded road: "closed" heard father commanded, Chu Che immediately to  nike free run 2 womens outside go to, is only heard has cable lock of voice, He snapped: "father," "If you want to kill more people, you can be tried out," Chu Xiao to finish, step away, he just stood at the location, just came with Chu Che's followers are already on the ground, "Lord, what's wrong? "Chu Xiao for behind of a bodyguard leader asked, visible people is he caught have Butler hurried ran to, road:" phase Alex, Jin if Princess into House has, King Shang called you does "that bodyguard leader half didn't reaction came, Chu Xiao for back see with he git like of Nirvana, a feet kick in he of leg Shang, he immediately knelt down, Chu Xiao for Straus road:" you dared to resorted to "" phase Alex, minions didn't see had Jin if Princess, just according to you of portrait

caught have people, that people long have is is is painting in the people is like, minions damn, minions damn "kept to knock with head ' "If guanjin on, you always become a barrier to our parent-child, became a stumbling block to my plans," Chu Xiao as they threwHas depictions of, immediately horse toward Palace and to accompany Jin if into Palace within Temple of only grass son, remaining of North Yao Prince Princess are was arrangements to has interview VIP of Hall, North cold Mo they is no half points waiting with was hospitality of mind, especially long Sun Heng, is on pins and needles, hands took with a teapot, another a only hand took with a Cup, kept have drink with tea, ya months Princess see long Sun Heng fidgeting of looks, slowly are past, pulled with long Sun Heng of shirttails "small ya months Princess, but something? "Sun Heng long put down the cups ya months back,I said words also not believes "Ya months see has long Sun Heng a eye, road:" is, on number you heartless just "said finished, toward North cold mo of direction ran to, Shen Zirui quietly of station with, long Sun Heng see she Shi, she also and no see long Sun Heng a eye North cold Mo see ya months that girl ran came

handy hold up she turned has a circle, scare have nike free 5.0 v4 womens   ya months almost called sound, ya months road:" three brother this is how has? So happy and can't pick up the money, "laughed and watched two Jin, reluctantly shook his head, North cold stranger knocks her head:" girl needing the money, right? "She spit spit tongue, road:" is was deficiency money has, I of money Qian some days let Palace in the people out to Port-au-Prince buy wedding gift to has, really spent has good freshman pen "she said here, suddenly live has mouth, in see Jin if does not strange of face Shi, long calls breath, softly road:" good insurance "" anyway, see you this girl also is has conscience, brother also didn't white pain you a super just until three brother big married Shi, on don't spend has, on you that points family, buy has this King also not rare does " North cold Mo seems to special keen tease ya months Jin if see North cold Mo put ya months gas have small face red, pulled had she of hand, road: "Ya months, he not rare, sister rare is has" said finished, seems to feel said wrong has words, road: "I of meaning is said ya months sent what to sister, sister are like" clear Zhi and Shen Zirui stepped forward, clear Zhi road: "see you also no thing

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