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" Smoke and flames soar from the burning oil tanker Sanchi off the coast of east China.
The stricken Iranian oil tanker off the coast of Shanghai burst into flames from end to end and sank yesterday Wholesale College Jerseys , eight days after it caught fire following a collision with a cargo ship.

Earlier, a Tehran official said there was no hope of saving some 30 missing crewmen before the ship sank, amid concern over an oil spill.

The Sanchi, carrying 136,000 tons of light crude oil from Iran Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap , had been burning since colliding with the CF Crystal, a Hong Kong-registered bulk freighter, about 300 kilometers east of the Yangtze River estuary on January 6.

At around midday yesterday the ship “suddenly ignited,” with the entire vessel burning fiercely and a pall of smoke between 800 and 1,000 meters high Wholesale Jerseys Cheap , China’s transport ministry said, releasing dramatic pictures of the entire vessel obscured by thick black smoke.

China’s State Oceanic Administration said that it had detected fires and dense black smoke in a large area around the Panama-registered oil tanker at around 10am yesterday and the entire ship sunk at around 3pm.

A large amount of spilled oil is still burning on the surface around the site, the administration said, adding it will monitor the oil spills and evaluate the accident’s impact on the marine environment.

“There is no hope of finding survivors among the members of the crew,” Mohammad Rastad Wholesale Jerseys From China , spokesman for the Iranian rescue team dispatched to Shanghai, told Iran’s state broadcaster in Tehran before the tanker went down.

Rastad said information from members of the Crystal crew suggested all the personnel on the Sanchi died in the first hour of the accident “due to the explosion and the release of gas.”

“Despite our efforts, it has not been possible to extinguish the fire and recover the bodies due to repeated explosions and gas leaks,” Rastad said.

The Sanchi, which had been headed to South Korea to deliver its cargo Wholesale Jerseys China , had a crew of 32, all Iranians except for two Bangladeshis. Only three bodies have been recovered.

Scenes of anger and grief erupted in Tehran as news of the deaths reached dozens of family, friends and colleagues of the crew, who were waiting desperately for information about their loved ones at the National Iranian Tanker Company headquarters.

Chinese rescuers on Saturday recovered the tanker’s “black box,” China’s transport ministry said Wholesale Jerseys , without specifying exactly what had been retrieved.

A reporter with China’s state television CCTV aboard a plane from the State Oceanic Administration reported seeing wreckage from the Sanchi, oil on fire, and spilled fuel covering a 10-square-kilometer area.

“The oil spill situation is very serious,” CCTV quoted the reporter as saying on social media.

But the television channel earlier also cited Zhang Yong, a senior engineer with the State Oceanic Administration Wholesale College Baseball Jerseys , as playing down fears of a spill.

“Because this is a light crude oil spill, relatively speaking it has a much smaller impact than other oil spills, because this kind of oil is especially volatile — most of it has entered the atmosphere, so it’s had less impact on the ocean,” Zhang was quoted as saying.

“This area should be considered the open sea Wholesale College Football Jerseys , very far from places where people live, so the human impact should be minimal,” Zhang aded.

Rescue efforts had been difficult because at 89 degrees Celsius, the vessel’s compartments were too hot for workers to withstand for long, CCTV quoted He Wang Wholesale College Hockey Jerseys , an expert from Chinese oil company Huade Petrochemical, as saying.


WASHINGTON, March 12 (Xinhua) -- U.S. Senate Republicans are seeking alternative plans to House Speaker Paul Ryan's tax reform package, which includes a controversial border adjustment tax that's facing lots of resistance in the upper chamber, according to local media.

"Senators are laying the groundwork for a new direction, expecting the House plan will either fail or require substantial revisions," The Hill, a U.S. political website, reported on Sunday, adding that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had pushed back the timeline of tax reform outlined by the Trump administration and given the Senate more time to seek alternative plans.

House Republicans, led by Ryan, had proposed eliminating the 35 percent corporate income tax rate, and replacing it with the so-called border adjustment tax that would enact a 20 percent rate on imported goods and materials, as a key part to overhaul the tax code.

Ryan argued that the border adjustment tax would be necessary to raise 1.2 trillion U.S. dollars to lower individual and corporate income tax rates without adding to the federal deficit. But a lot of Republicans in both chambers came out against such tax, citing the higher prices they'd inflict on consumers.

"I don't think it's going to pass over here. There's not a lot of enthusiasm for it. We're already working on what we'd like to do," Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch was quoted as saying.

It's still unclear whether U.S. President Donald Trump backs Ryan's proposal. House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady said last week that Trump didn't like the name of the border adjustment tax, but the president liked the principle behind it.

Ulrik Bie, chief economist for global macro at the Institute of International Finance, currently sees little chance of the House version of the border adjustment tax making into law.

"Vested interests are too great with retailers and refineries (and other importers) among the clearest potential losers, while the beneficiaries (in the short term) would be the large manufacturers...the optics are not great and the White House is disinclined to provide political cover," Bie wrote in a recent analysis of Trump's economic agenda.

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