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BEIJING, Jan. 22 (Xinhua) -- As world elites gathered in the Swiss ski resort of Davos for the ongoing Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF), the participants highlighted the need for a more open and stable global trade system under the new international situation.

The four-day meeting, which opened Wednesday, aims to explore solutions to major global challenges under the theme "The New Global Context."

Over 2 Todd Gurley II Hoodie ,500 participants from across the world are expected to exchange views on a wide range of issues, including global economy, environmental protection and non-conventional security.


In a keynote speech at the meeting Wednesday, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said new measures are needed to address such global challenges as laggard economic recovery John Kelly Shirt , regional conflicts and terrorism.

China, he added, will continue to promote the liberalization and facilitation of trade and investment, and further open up the service and capital markets, as well as the central and western part of the country.

"China will encourage its companies to explore the international market John Franklin-Myers Shirt , and work for common development with other countries through greater openness towards each other," Li said.

Meanwhile, he noted that China calls on countries to promote opening up and innovation, and strengthen international coordination at macro-economic levels when formulating policies in accordance with their own national conditions.

All countries should oppose protectionism and expand regional economic cooperation, Li said.

When meeting with representatives of the WEF's International Business Council Brian Allen Shirt , the premier also vowed to advance China's comprehensive reform and open the country wider to foreign investors.

China will continue to push ahead with its reform in key areas in 2015, with the priority being properly handling the relationship between the government and the market, Li said.

He promised that China will carry out deeper and wider reform in its administrative approval system to stimulate market vitality and create a better environment for fair competition.

China, Li said, will also promote the development of inclusive finance Joseph Noteboom Shirt , develop multi-level capital market, support small and medium-sized banks and private banks, and lower the corporate leverage gradually through the development of the capital market and direct financing.

The premier pledged that China will advance its ongoing reform in fiscal, tax and key financial areas, adding that his country is to further relax foreign investment access and open its service industry wider to the outside world.


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