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TIRANA Air Jordans 1 For Sale , June 8 (Xinhua) -- The Bank of Albania (BoA) said Thursday that it has tightened financial supervision of banks and saving and credit associations (SCAs).

"The Supervisory Council of Central Bank has approved a series of changes to the rule on determining the decision-taking level in supervision of banking and financial activities," BoA said in a press release.

According to the central bank, review of the rule came out of the need to adapt to the provisions of the new law and new regulatory acts on supervision of the saving and credit associations and their unions.

The main reason was to insert the new licensing and supervisory processes to the annexes stipulating the delegation of competences with regard to these entities, BoA said in its press release.

BoA also said that it had designated the Emergency Intervention Fund which is deemed an important and necessary mechanism to meet intervention objectives of a bank facing problems.

According to BoA experts, its creation is a response to address on time the lacks and vagueness to the actual regime related to financial resources necessary to the treatment of possible crisis our banking system might face, as well as minimizing their management costs of the public fund.

China Air Jordans 10 For Sale , Kazakhstan eye stronger cross-border, security cooperation

China, Afghanistan pledge closer cooperation on B&R construction

Media leaders pledge contribution to BRICS cooperation

Polls open for British snap election ahead of Brexit talks

Total of 9.4 million students to attend 2017 Gaokao in China

Three giant pandas return to Chengdu from Japan to start new life

Scenery of Dongchuan Red Land in SW China's Yunnan

Macaques attract tourists at scenic spot in SW China's Chongqing


LONDON, Dec. 16 (Xinhua) -- British Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday paid a pre-Christmas visit to British troops stationed in Afghanistan, announcing that their Afghan mission accomplished.

Cameron had breakfast with Afghan National Army soldiers in Camp Bastion, a military base located outside Lashkar Gah Air Jordans 6 For Sale , the capital of southern Afghan province Helmand.

He was quoted by BBC as saying that the British troops could ""come home with their head held high"".

The prime minister, who was accompanied by former England player Michael Owen during the trip, also announced a new partnership between British Football Association, Premier League and their Afghan counterparts to support the growth and development of Afghan football.

The new partnership will support all levels of Afghan football, from grassroots, through the Afghan Premier League and up to the Afghan national team Jordan 6 Retro Gatorade Green For Sale , said a statement jointly issued by 10 Downing Street and the Ministry of Defense.

The partnership aims to build Afghan capacity in football administration, training and education for the national and grassroots game, the statement said.

""We often think of sport as just about a competition where you are either a winner or a loser but it also has an amazing power to bring people together and unite communities for the benefit of all involved,"" said Cameron.

Currently, Britain has around 5,200 British troops based in Afghanistan Jordan 6 Mens Gatorade Green For Sale , down from 9,000 at the start of the year. There have been 446 British deaths since operations began in 2001.

This probably is the last Christmas trip for Cameron as the country plans to withdraw troops in Afghanistan by the end of 2014.


MOSCOW, Sept. 1 (Xinhua) -- Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia highly values the multifaceted cooperation with BRICS to create a fair multipolar world and equal development conditions for all, in a signed article published on Friday.

In the article for the 9th BRICS Summit to be held in Xiamen, China on Sept. 3-5, Putin said he appreciated China's significant contribution as this year's chair of the organization Jordan 6 Gatorade Green For Sale , "which has allowed the BRICS countries as a group to move forward in all key areas of our partnership, including politics, the economy and culture."

The BRICS is the acronym for a group of five emerging economies -- Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Originally the first four were grouped as "BRIC" before the inclusion of South Africa in 2010. Since 2009 Jordan 6s Gatorade Green For Sale , the BRICS countries have met annually at formal summits.

"It is important that our group's activities are based on the principles of equality, respect for one another's opinions and consensus.Within BRICS, nothing is ever forced on anyone," Putin added, "This open and trust-based atmosphere is conducive to the successful implementation of our tasks".

Putin said Russia stands for closer coordination of the BRICS countries' foreign policies, primarily at the United Nations and Group of 20 Jordan 6s Like Mike Gatorade For Sale , as well as other international organizations. "Only the combined efforts of all countries can help bring about global stability and find solutions to many acute conflicts," he wrote in the article.

As for the situation on the Korean Peninsula where tensions have grown recently, Putin said the region's problems should only be settled through a direct dialogue of all the parties concerned without any preconditions. "Provocations, pressure, and militarist and insulting rhetoric are a dead-end road," he wrote.

"Russia and China have created a roadmap for a settlement on the Korean Peninsula that is designed to promote the gradual easing of tensions and the creation of a mechanism for lasting peace and security Jordan 6 Retro Like Mike Gatorade For Sale ," Putin said in the article.

Putin also called for promoting the interaction of the BRICS countries in the area of global information security. He proposed that the five countries should come together to draft and adopt universal rules of responsible behavior in this sphere.

In the article, Putin pointed out that though Russia shares the BRICS countries' concerns over the unf.

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