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25 NFL predictions through 2020: Brady's future, OBJ's contract

PITTSBURGH -- It's about time Ben Authentic  Brian McCann Womens jersey Roethlisberger and Martavis Bryant head to Dave & Buster's or Starbucks or whichever establishment facilitates a good, long talk. Bryant's comments to ESPN's Dan Graziano about wanting to have a "man-to-man" with his Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback are a bit surprising, largely because the conversation hadn't happened yet. Bryant, suspended for the 2016 season, rejoined the team for offseason workouts in May, and the two spent a month in the same offense together before players broke camp in mid-June. Apparently, they completed a few passes, exchanged http://www.authentichoustonastros.com/B … ann-Jersey pleasantries and that was it. Perhaps Bryant's new comment heightens the urgency to make it happen. And it should happen. Bryant and Roethlisberger can coexist in the Steelers' offense regardless, but understanding each other can only help the duo and the unit as a whole. Surely Bryant was affected by Roethlisberger telling the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette before last season that he felt Bryant lied to him and the team felt "let down" by the explosive playmaker. Roethlisberger has taken a tough-love approach with Bryant before, saying publicly he needed to "toughen Authentic  Jed Lowrie Womens jersey up" before an AFC wild-card game in Cincinnati following the 2015 season, during which Bryant caught a body-contorting touchdown to help seal Pittsburgh's victory. It's as though Roethlisberger is trying to draw something out of his immensely talented receiver. There was no hiding the Steelers' frustrations with Bryant, who has missed 20 games due to drug-related offenses but has since said he's gotten himself clean. Hearing that message from the quarterback can't be easy, though. Bryant wants to be a catalyst for the Steelers' offense, not a source of criticism. "Hopefully we'll have it before the season starts," Bryant told Graziano. "If not, that's fine. I'm still going to go out and perform and do what I have to do to be the best teammate I can be." Sometimes team or player meetings seem hollow, but in this case it's necessary. Connecting before training camp would be about a year overdue.  Find the open window. The first thing I'd do is get Carr in the film room and pull up a play like the one below. In this game versus the Chiefs last season, Carr had an opportunity to hit Seth Roberts on the backside dig route. With a clean pocket to work from, Carr has plenty of time to come off the front-side read and rip this ball to Roberts (yellow circle) between the two linebackers underneath. Get that ball out and this could turn into a 20-yard gain or longer with Roberts http://www.authenticoaklandathletics.co … rie-Jersey establishing leverage to the ball. But Carr waits, and that window -- the one I want him to thread the ball into -- closes when the route continues across the field. That allows the linebacker (the orange circle, who was previously covering nothing but grass) to drop right into the throwing lane. Carr got lucky that this didn't turn into an interception. This isn't talent-related or a glaring limitation in his game. In fact, I've seen Carr make this throw multiple times to Roberts and Amari Cooper. But I've also seen examples that rival this one versus the Chiefs in which Carr fails to anticipate where the throwing lane will be (based on the route and coverage) or he is late to diagnose the options in his progression. Start with the tape (always), then move to the field. This is at the top of my list with Carr heading into camp, because once he improves his field vision, he can attack defenses even more than he does already. FLORENCE, Italy -- A young man lies spread-eagle in the center of a sand-covered arena, blood streaming from a gash Authentic  Steven Souza Youth jersey above his eye. The guy who opened up this wound is straddled across his chest, pinning him down. All around them, more men are brawling in a terrifying tangle of fists and knees, shoulder charges and thrown elbows. Lending a surreal edge to this scene is the combatants' attire. While some are bare-chested and others wear T-shirts, every one of them is clad in a pair of puffy-legged, brightly striped, 16th-century replica pantaloons. They are playing calcio storico fiorentino -- Florentine historical football -- or, as many locals here know it, calcio in costume -- football in costumes. A distant forerunner to modern sports such as soccer and American football, it most closely resembles a blend between mixed martial arts and rugby. Two teams http://www.authentictampabayrays.com/St … uza-Jersey of 27 players, or calcianti, battle to maneuver a ball into the opponent's goal, at opposite ends of a playing field measuring roughly 88 yards by 44 yards. Beyond that basic objective, even some participants are fuzzy on the details, with more than one describing the game as having "about three or four rules." With the chaotic nature of the game, it's hard to tell when rules have been broken -- for spectators and officials alike. When spotted, egregious violations result in expulsion. Games run continuously for 50 minutes, with no breaks and no substitutions. If a player leaves the field, he may not be replaced. To lose even one player, under such conditions, especially at the height of one of Italy's hottest summers on record, can be devastating. And so, the young man with the gash over his eye waits patiently and allows his blood to soak into the sand. A medical team will arrive in a minute or so to stem the flow as he lies right there beneath his opponent. His day is only just getting started.

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