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Despite Emani's reluctance, Dokler decided to go through with the deal. When Emani met with Bajwa again the next day, his suspicions were confirmed: Bajwa was carrying counterfeits hidden under a real $100 bill. When Emani protested, Bajwa pulled a BB gun and pointed it at Emani's head.
You can feel badly for the Greyhounds of Throckmorton if you would like. You can talk badly about them if you like. What you had better not do is write them off because of this loss. I never played a bad guy, including in incredibly open worlds like "The Elder Scrolls" series. Going against my own better morals and judgment, I was surprised how dark the dialogue was. But when in Rome ..
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But I am also interested in this from a computer science perspective. With most programming buy runescape gold problems, even if I don't know exactly how to solve them I know where to begin, what resources to look at, and generally what the approach would be. In this case, though, I'm completely lost.
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