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HAVANA, March 7 (Xinhua) -- Cuban sports authorities Friday unveiled the list of wrestlers competing in Puerto Rico, April 4-6, in the qualifying tournament for the 2014 Central American Games.

Two-time Olympic champion Mijain Lopez, in the 130kg class, heads the 18-member Cuban squad, the National Wrestling Federation said.

Lopez will be a star competitor at the event, which offers eight tickets in each weight division to the games to be hosted by Veracruz NFL Jerseys , Mexico.

In addition to Lopez, who won gold at the 2012 London and 2008 Beijing Olympics, Cuba's Greco-Roman wrestlers include Ismael Borrero (59 kg), Pedro Isaac (66), Julio Bastida (75), Gilberto Piquet (85) and Yasmani Lugo (98).

In freestyle wrestling, the competitors feature Aleynier Hernandez (57 kg), Lazaro Carbonell (65), Davian Quintana (74), Luis Mario Miranda (86), Abraham Conyedo (97) and Andres Ramos ( 125).

The women's squad is led by the winners of the 2011 Pan- American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico, Katherine Vidaux (63 kg) and Lisset Echevarria (75), followed by Aray Sanz (48), Idilmis Acea (53), Jacquelin Stornell (58) and Candida de Armas (69).

The tournament will see wrestlers from 19 countries and regions vie for a chance to compete in the Central American Games, with Cuba's stiffest competition coming from Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and host Puerto Rico.

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