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OK Miguel Layun Jersey , for 82 gas we’ve heard all the talk and hype to last a lifeti. It’s ti to put up or ut up. The basketball playoffs are here! It’s been a season that has been entertaining to say the least. From the Los Angeles Clippers’ Blake Griffin jumping over a car to win the Slam Dunk petition at the All-Star Ga, to all the annoying hype surrounding LeBron Jas and “The Decision,” he and his band, um, teammates Marco Fabian Jersey , “The Heatles” declaring that they would win not one, but multiple championips. To the Denver Nuggets giving Carlo Anthony what he wanted – a trade to the New York Knicks. That only caused the Nuggets to rise to the oasion without him and bee a legitimate playoff team while the Knicks have been about as diocre with Anthony in the lineup as Nuggets were when they had him. Then there are the aging but proven powers like the San Antonio Spurs, Boston Celtics and Dallas Mavericks tehing the youngsters a thing or o about winning. And then there are the defending NBA champion Lakers, who… well all they do is win, in spite of struggling at the end of the regular season. The road to the NBA championip is wide open this year with as many as six teams that could make a strong run and take ho the Larry O’Brien trophy in June. The Knicks are a ager 15-19 since the Anthony trade and the Nuggets are 22-8 Luis Montes Jersey , leading everyone to wonder – especially fans in New York, who got the better part of the deal? But give the Knicks credit. Anthony along with Amar’e Stoudemire have been the spark the Knicks needed for a long ti to get them into the basketball playoffs for the first ti since 2004. “I don't know about the Knicks,” said aountant and Knicks fan David Knox of Los Angeles. “I don't think they can win without a center. Chauncey Billups is a great point guard and will make a great coh soday. I think in the [Mike] D'Antoni ‘pu pu’ system, a banner won't be raised in Madison Square Garden until this is abandoned.” The Nuggets are the fifth seed in the west, while the Knicks e into the basketball playoffs as the sixth seed. Limping into the basketball playoffs are the Lakers Luis Hernandez Jersey , Spurs and Celtics. All of which have endured season-ending losing streaks, but it doesn’t an that they won’t be in top playoff form. And don’t count out the young upstarts Oklahoma City Thunder and the NBA’s leading scorer Kevin Durant, which gave the Lakers fits in last year’s basketball playoffs. With all the talk and hype surrounding Jas, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bo and pany in Miami Juan Vazquez Jersey , the one team no one wants to fe is the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls have the Eastern Conference’s best record and are led by Most Valuable Player candidate Derrick Rose. Rose averaged 25 points and 7.8 assists a ga during the regular season, and is so good and so confident of a player that he all but declared that he would be the MVP at the beginning of the season, and after a ga against the Orlando Magic on national television, he embred the Magic’s Jaer Nelson and told him, “see you in the second round.” That may inspire the eighth seeded Indiana Pers who the Bulls play in the first round of the basketball playoffs. But so fans don’t think that the Bulls have what it takes just yet to win it all. “The Bulls are too young Jose Corona Jersey ,” said Donna Lewis, a teher’s aide in Long Beh, Calif. “But that can be a good thing too. San Antonio is the number one seed, but with teams like them and Boston and the Lakers, you have to wonder if age is finally going to catch up with them this year. I love the Celtics Jorge Campos Jersey , but Ray Allen looks tired and Shaq [O’Neal] is done and I don’t think you can win without a big man. Ultimately I think the Lakers will win it again.” You can never go wrong with the experienced teams that have won championips in the past 10 years. The Lakers, Celtics and Spurs have that experience, as well as Wade with the Heat and are all obvious choices to win it all. The Heat reloaded having Jas and Chris Bo and beca an imdiate contender. But it is playoff ti and you have to wonder which Jas is going to ow up – the regular season MVP candidate or the one who seems to falter when it matters most in the basketball playoffs? As players and teams get old, soone new eventually rises to the oasion and uers in a new era. Magic Johnson and Larry Bird did it in the 1980’s Michael Jordan did it in the 1990’s and Kobe Bryant in the past decade. Rose, Carlos Boozer and the rest of the Bulls have been on a roll all season long and it doesn’t seem like they’re going to stop anyti soon. Look for the Bulls to defeat the Lakers in the Finals for the first championip in the post Jordan era and sending forr Bulls and current Lakers Coh Phil Jkson into an ironic retirent.Kevin Hunter is a writer for ; Regal Blk Mens Magazine The publication focuses on ; African Arican Community News Politics Sports Health The magazine features a ; Local Online Classifieds & Job Classified Blk Business Directory Visit to read about ; basketball playoffsWhile forum marketing can be very useful to your online business Javier Hernandez Jersey , many marketers spend hours on forums without being very focused in their efforts. At such times, you ould return your attention to your tual goals relative to forum marketing. Your primary purpose is to grow your business, and you ouldn’t lose trk of that. Many forum members start off with clear goals, but then let themselves fall into trivial or even harmful habits. Conflicts and arguments are fairly mon on most forums. A disagreement beeen o members can easily spread and draw others into a flame war. Before getting involved in such volatile situations, ask yourself if it’s really worth it. Since there are so many different kinds of people Javier Aquino Jersey , there is bound to be conflict and disagreement. it’s always tempting to get invol

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