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I just dropped. She was v

You have paid so much for me, but I have never said that I love you. My mother hasn't been bullied for the rest of her life. When I was young, my temper was tempered and my temper was anxious. Often a little thing can make her angry, often complaining that I do not seek advancement, do not give her a fight. Whenever this happens, I feel aggrieved and treat her words as a whisper. She kept screaming there, but now this kind of change has become a concern. I remember that one year, my mother and I were so angry that I didn��t do my homework seriously. At that time, I did not feel that I was wrong. I justifiably argued with my mother Marlboro Cigarettes. Instead, the mother cried and sat down on the bed. I didn't know what to do at the time, and I stood there dumbly. After a long time, my mother got up and went upstairs. I know that I have hurt my mother's heart, and there is a kind of embarrassment in my heart that I will take the initiative to admit mistakes. My mother whispered to me, "Girl, you have to give a sigh of relief to your mother. Mom doesn't figure out what you can reward me in the future. I just want you to be better than Mom." For the first time, I thought my mother was also so fragile. Since then, we have never quarreled. Time does not wait for people, as if yesterday was the beginning. After many years, I came to the city to go to school. My mother didn't agree at first. Her reasons were far-fetched. I was afraid that I could not do without her. However, I know that she just can't bear me. In the end, she can't help me. With 10,000 unwillingness, she sent me out of the house. Now think about it, I have lived and sneaked from a small dress, and my mother has never been wronged. My mother once told me that she wants to travel once and say that she is leaving. I promised her: "Mom, you can rest assured that after you are old, I will raise you." Mom showed a flower-like smile. The happiest thing in the world is that when I miss you, you never leave, still by my side. Mom, if I can, I want to say "I love you". It was another weekend, another Saturday, and a dance class. The same class, out of the community door Cigarettes Online, saw to pick up my mother and brother. I grabbed ten dollars from my mother and ran to the place where the fireworks were in the sky. "Ah, really fragrant! It really is an authentic kebab!" I couldn't help but marvel. I bought two strings of five pieces from the boss. After waiting for a while, I took the saliva and took it from the boss. I immediately ate. After a while, the two skewers were eaten by me. I sighed and threw the wooden sign under the tree. Unconsciously, the sky is already dark, and the small shop in the row at the entrance of the community lights up. Suddenly, I don��t know where to come out, who are short, fat, wearing a red, very old-fashioned pointed hat on their head, and a grandmother wearing a worn sanitation suit. She swayed and looked at the west and looked at us. I had to go home on the bus and stopped. I was curious to see what the grandmother was doing. Suddenly the grandmother stopped and stopped under the tree where I had lost the wooden sign. Then I looked left and right and slowly leaned over and picked up the wooden sign that I just dropped. She was very ignorant, and she looked at the west and looked up. She straightened up and turned to the other, and then swayed again to the green garbage truck and threw my wooden sign in Cheap Cigarettes. She is so hard, but she is unaware. Her work is so hard, but she does not say anything, no complaints, no complaints, no complaints. She obviously saw me eating kebabs under the tree. She knew that I would throw them away, but she didn��t run over and told me not to throw it on the ground, not to smash me after I lost it, but to wait for me to lose it. When I got on the bus, I ran to help me. She is so simple, hard-working, as if she had to do it when she was born. But it is not, she can not help me. If we don't throw garbage at random, then there will be no occupation of sanitation workers. At that moment, my heart did not know what was being shackled, it was very painful and painful. Watching her leave, I took a shovel from the side, slammed the garbage in the car, and then pulled the car effortlessly. From now on, I really never again, never again. Littering, because I feel sorry for the class of sanitation workers who silently clean the garbage, what I learned is the truth of being a man.
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Re: I just dropped. She was v

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