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indness, think more ab

There is never a lack of "beauty" in life, just the lack of eyes to discover beauty. Only when the eyes are pure can you see beautiful people and things; if the mind is clean, you can think of the bitterness and joy of others. There is such a story, I want to talk to the big guy! I remember that it was the summer of a year ago. At 8 or 9 in the evening, I squeezed into the bus. The bus swayed along the way. The crowds in the driveway leaned forward and leaned forward. At this time, a white-haired grandmother came up. People sitting, some sleeping, some playing with their mobile phones, as if they didn��t see it, Grandma stood next to me, from time to time by the door, staggering, the car turned, and the bumps were even worse... ...a sudden brake, almost the old grandmother will fall, I made the whole body to support her, which stabilized the grandmother's body. At this time Marlboro Lights, my heart panicked, I didn't know what I was hesitating. Suddenly, a sister spoke up. She licked her grandmother's sleeve and said, "Grandma, sit down." At the beginning, my grandmother quickly pushed, Under the repeated persuasion of her sister, the old man had to sit down. The two of them were talking and laughing in the car. They suddenly had a kind of familiarity and familiarity. Grandma and sister became a scene on this car, bus driver. Uncle raised his thumb, and the passengers in the car cast an admirable look on the sister. My heart was also very moved and at the same time a little bit embarrassed. Next time, I also want to be a sister. The 606 road car is not so quiet. Everyone, you say a word, no longer a stranger who meets with each other. It seems that in just a few minutes, the passengers on the bus form a harmonious family. This little thing on the bus has deeply touched my heart. People have never forgotten their kindness, think more about others, respect the old and love the young, be civilized and polite, no longer so indifferent, how beautiful and harmonious this society is! At the moment of our lives, some people drive to block the green life passages in hospitals and highways, so that dying patients lose the best chance of rescue. The list of examples can not help but make people cry, refuse to be indifferent, think more about others. Not only the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, but also the eternal theme of our lives and being human beings Parliament Cigarettes. Sometimes it is just a matter of raising our hands Newport Cigarettes Coupons, why should we become indifferent? I appeal, "Rejecting indifference, breaking ice from today", breaking the gap between us, Breaking the indifference between us, letting the warmth melt everyone's heart and melt the indifferent glaciers
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Re: indness, think more ab

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Re: indness, think more ab

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