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Che hurried to catch up with the six others came to the canteen

brother, today the dining room with your favorite line, Oh, go with us OK? "The wind got goose bumps all over it, too busy looking for a pretext to send Lan Lingyue:" Student Council meeting today, I'll Flash it! "Mexican smoked Lin zhe went straight to the front, like an Octopus, that directly embraced the nike free 3.0 v5 womens wise:" ~ wise brother, we go to the dining room for dinner "this thought: when I said to have dinner with her? This word of the women! Phew! Zhe bar stuck on his body's "Octopus" Miss "carrying", and said to her: "you go by yourself! "Then there will be no more she collection collection ~[]Chapter 25 cafeteria of World War II (Rhyme, cream, and dance began prepared to canteen eat lunch has, but see classroom in are staged with so a out drama, three people will sat in has respective of desk Shang relish of see up drama to has Jin, wind, and zhe finally out has night Ying Mo, blue spirit months, and ink smoked Linda this three a "leather sugar", see rhyme, cream and dance and no to canteen dinner, but sat in desk Shang a Deputy bullish play of expression Shi, three people no language has this three sisters on so free? However, this also is to their liking, because, at noon today, three people would like to

invite this rhyme, Frost, to have dinner and dancing! Jin came to rhyme in front and asked rhyme: "I invite you to dinner at noon today, to go or not? "The rhyme one eyebrow and invited her to dinner? "Good AI as a free lunch, not eating white eating! "He jumped down from the desk, and himself went to the classroom menkoujin rhymes, mouth and accidentally provoked a smile rhyme came to the door, where stand met Jin, asked," Hey, where do? Why not invite me to dinner? What, then? "No, come on" the wind came before the Frost and sat down across from her desk, Frost said: "well, today I call you to dinner, would you? "Frost looked up and down the wind, wondering:" do I know you well? Why did you invite me to dinner Avanti "" not familiar with Le Meridien doesn't matter, they are familiar with it! "Yes, now! "Say wind will follow Frost left the classroom, history and philosophy come to dance in front of the dancing blinking eyes, asked philosophy:" what? ”“…… , I would like to invite you to dinner, did not know would you do it? "" Oh me dinner Ai Hang AI go ~ "said dance bounce left the Che hurried to catch up with the six others came to the canteen, respectively, found three seat Jin and YunPick a place

by the window, then picked up the menus on the table began to order rhyme feel free to look at, they called the waiter: "waiter, ordering! "" Well, Miss you want? "," A row of seven medium-rare, a cup of cappuccino "" this gentleman? nike free 5.0 shield men's   "" Row of seven medium-rare, a cup of espresso without sugar, "" OK, two please wait! "Said waiter and left the other side, chose a quiet corner of frost and wind, Frost wind handed a menu, also picked up a copy and after a while, wind motioned to the waiter:" you Sir, have what it takes? "" Give me a copy of Italy, a French onion soup, how are you? "Che points out, look up to the Frost," a French Goose liver, a Romanian song and soup, a piece of tiramisu, Ah ... ... Another Cup of strawberry milk shake bar! "Smarter?? Wind almost jumped up and today he's bleeding ... ... "well, your point then how you finished eating it? "" At ease, since, I will eat da ~ "sliding down the three black lines on the forehead of the wind ... ... Dance and zhe see a floor sat full has, will to II floor pick has a quiet of place sat down has this is dance has hungry of die, busy took up menu, began points meals "waiter, I to a copies smoke smoked three paper fish, a copies French snail, a copies cream

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