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sophistry ~ "was zhe so a said, wind of face more red has class zhihou

largest gangs and second largest gang excels! "Blood soul door-Mu Rong Yiyan, 5Age Shi parents both was foe killed, which became has orphans later he was a gang more is entitled to of people adoptions and sent to nike free 4.0 v4 women's  dark ya Island training dark ya island is specifically training top killer of place "we rhyme, cream, dance actually is between in training drops ~", is world Shang ranking first of risking dark ya island beast rampage, night often has Viper and other poison haunted Mu Rong Yiyan was sent to dark ya Island Shang Hou, will began has he became killer career daily only sleep 2 hours, and up Hou and sleep Qian didn't people must ran Shang 10 km, Or not to rest or to eat during this time, pulled out of a lot of people can't stand the training, while Mu Rong Yiyan stuck,"Teacher, blue Ling and I month Mexican smoked Lynn to register! "This is, Frost also stood up:" we are sisters signed up! "Oh well, your registration form now! "Mo Ying night, Frost, to the podium, took the registration form from the teacher" this year's

flower game very interesting Oh, condensing the three sisters will be our third Princess arch rival! "---Grass and ignorance a" well! Sisters this condensation is not lost and we three Princess Sheng ying, maybe Venus to be changed this year! "Crazy b----grass" AW, the three sisters, how can we be sister Mo Mo opponent! "Theology, champions, 1th Ying----night" Yes, our theology, theology, I won't lose to the three girl too! "Ying theology, champions, 2nd----night" Hey Jin, you think about the school beauty contest ... ... What do you think AO "sound of the wind in Jin's ear" this year ... ... Will be very interesting, her----let me down! "" Yo, who you're talking about, I've never seen you like this-"bad wind asks Jin" not your business! "" Wind AI you said recently his eyes are always staring at other people look at condensing glass cream anyway? "Zhe quipped," who stared at her for a ... ... You ... ... Are you talking about! "Said I wind of face on red has" hehe, also said no, face are red has, also sophistry ~ "was zhe so a said, wind of face more red has class zhihou, night Ying Mo three people in classroom door stopped has rhyme, cream, dance didn't, night Ying Mo opening, cream first opening has:"

aunt, something AO "" hum! We'll see, school nike free run 2 mens   beauty contest, we're not going to lose! "" It takes one! You don't laughed at the school game! "[]Chapter 13 school beauty contest II (Second week, school contest official opening all entries of students was we three bit judges---Jin, wind, Zhe, into has a,b,c group rhyme and night Ying MO was points to a, group, cream and blue spirit months points to b group, dance and ink smoked Linda points to c group first round, rhyme pumping to of performances project is street dance, cream is singing, dance just pumping to she most at of instruments class rhyme to stunning of a dance easily of qualify, and scores for a, group Supreme night Ying Mo performances of also is dance, but rhyme row in a, group first name, and she only fifth name, Night Ying Mo but was gas of not light in see cream and blue spirit months, cream sing has a first stealth of wings, won b group first blue spirit months is jumped of himself most at of Ballet, but lost to cream a big cut, cream first, blue spirit months only sixth name dance performances has a first famous violin song, also easily won first, ink smoked dance just pumping to has himself most not at of singing, sing has a song proud of you

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