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was trying to rush to pick up the woman and a gun against his temple

Ah ... ... I ... ... Mr LAU ... ... "" bienima crap! Say or not to say? "" I say I say! "Then say it right! "" He often goes to cloud the blue "," blue cloud? What place? "" The name of one of the clubs, "Lin Yi paused, then asked," what about where he lives? "" I really don't know! "Lin easily annoyed:" you people bitch about? If I put pressure on it? ”“…… That ... ... "you don't hesitate! "" His family ... ... "" nike free run 3 mens  lying trough! "Yvonne Lin nasty" I say I say! "" Then NIMA hurry! "He lived in green Grove, building 18, 801" and "where? "" Green Grove, building 18, 801, "Wang said, Yvonne Lin was slapped after hitting him in the neck, immediately, Mr Wang fainted ... ... After the 12 o'clock at night, green Grove, building 18, 801 households within an hour ago, Yvonne Lin into 801Within households, and he didn't expect it to be no one at home at mealtimes, he also had to sit on the sofa in the living room smoking a cigarette before until an hour after only heard movement in the corridor outside the door ... ... Following this, panic was hiding in the forest behind the curtain while the door was open, and a drunk guy came in, his arm around a woman that drunk guy about 30 years or so his arm around the girl's

estimate is 43 years old, still looks pretty, presumably from the nightclub foam? Into the living room, and shut the door behind him, the woman sniffed noses, and blurts out: "how so much of the smell of smoke in your House? "The drunk guy turns down on the sofa:" smoke it? "" You don't smell it? "No," the woman sniffed his nose and frowned ... ... At the same time, a silent, invisible to the naked eye of the speed of a flying needle into the woman by the throat in the ... ... The woman responded, had to say one word, just huangji grabbed her neck with both hands he saw something was wrong, a drunken man's panic was stood up: "what is it?! ”“啊…… I ... ... Ah ... ... "that would then put his hands around her neck, was trying to say, but do not say, and then just fell ... ... ' poof! ' A, the woman fell to the floor and the man was trying to rush to pick up the woman and a gun against his temple ... ... While awaiting the man felt, the whole people was Mormonism from the panic was timid turned glanced fearfully ... ... "you are black Wolf? "Yvonne Lin asked:" are you ... ... "and" who I am is not important as long as you honestly cooperate with me, answering a few questions in a "" ... ...You say, ""

six children are the people in your company? "" Is "" then you should know who sent him to assassinate Yu Wannian, right? "" This ... ...   nike free 4.0 v3 womens  I ... ... "," what's wrong? "I can't say that! "Yvonne Lin broke into a sneer:" you can talk to me about this time conditions? Can refuse to answer it? ”“…… All right...... Laoshan group Lu Yifu ""...... "******, when Yvonne Lin from the Green Grove came out, could not help but upset frowned, regret last time last time did not directly kill Lu Yifu if he killed Lu Yifu did not kill Yu Wannian this thing, right? For a while, he returned to Golden apartment returned to his rented room, immediately went to Shen Bo a call when the phone connected, Yvonne Lin also said: "I have found out the" "who is it? "The end of Shen Bo busy is asked," Lu Yifu laoshan group "Shen Bo listened on the phone side, inside the fire:" the fuck! Originally Lu Yifu that ass! Horizontal slot, this time having to kill Lu Yifu the donkey is not available! "Lin was excited:" Shen Bo, this ... ... Or do I get it? "" Do you want to do? "" I feel ... ..., "Lin Yi frown wanted to think," we are not as stupid as Lu Yifu "you mean ... ..." "Shen Bo, you should know that to kill a person is actually very

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