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Kunpeng international seems familiar Yes? Back after a while

”…… So, Yvonne Lin has led them both to the hotel restaurant on the second floor with Yvonne Lin Yang County dinner here was familiar with the restaurant, after the three of them casually looking for a place to sit, nike free 4.0 v2 womens  LV is the appealing à la carte is no pointExpensive dishes, even simple ate a meal, after all, amount of reimbursement is limited, it is not possible to eat seafood to drink wine for reimbursement of meal in the dining room sat there for a moment, chatted for a few minutes so, Yvonne Lin was informed that QC female colleague Zheng Lan look, Zheng Lan also seems to be 87 years old, right? Look ... ... Not ugly nor beautiful, have a go anyway is undeniable is that she is really good so to speak ... ... Is see with she that figure, is has a impulse wants fork fork she but if with Lv Xiaohong Manager than up ≡ ran of, Lv Xiaohong Manager more let people impulse regardless of how said, Lv Xiaohong Manager is beauty that category of again plus she that big chest, that leg, that hip son, feels she was upper and lower can pinch

water to like anyway to Yvonne Lin of feels is Lu Manager of that words son of water water Ben special more, special moist chat has while Hou Zheng Lan suddenly appealing with out turned turned Lv Xiaohong Manager also on said this woman is born love shopping of, Hear them so say ≈ and do nothing, not disappointed is not? So he had to drive to go with their County turned ... ... Because the County is small, so it's turning around, also do not know what's going on, switch to last time Yu Wannian and watched the local forest real estate suddenly has started here, he yizheng barbet ... ... Because of that, and more than ten years when I came here to see, here's a wasteland, it started? Following this, forest and looked, saw billboards saying what ' kunpeng international life striving to make County garden ' ... ... Thus, Yvonne Lin could not help but frown thought for a moment, suddenly thought to myself, this ... ... Kunpeng international seems familiar Yes? Back after a while,Yvonne Lin didn't mind, turns out to be compete with Yu Wannian

seaside tourism project, including kunpeng   nike air structure 18 women's  International had no end but when Yu Wannian said kunpeng international, like no kunpeng international in mind but now look at this project should have been scored by kunpeng international, Yvonne Lin thought, there must be some problem? Because Yu Wannian has also not given up this project, has been talking to County County Government negotiation but I didn't expect to be, kunpeng International has started here ... ...Heard the knock on the door, Lin hesitated, thinking, won't that girl or two, right? Turning back to the door, reached out and pulled the door, she suddenly was beautiful aunt, surprise a moment and then is busy punching American aunt hehe smile ... ... Beauty aunt so he's a guy that, wanted to ask him if he was looking for a good home, but beauty aunt her conversation was with his aunt Wu heard, so she said a sentence: "you wake up Yu Bo was" uttered a sentence that, Yvonne Lin's delight was stunned: "really? "" True "beauty aunt nodded" that ... ... "Lin Yi would like

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