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url], it is also full of fun

That window, for some years, the glass on the window is also very dirty. Even the window sill is broken. Just moved into a new home. It should be a first-grade thing. It��s almost ten years. Now, in retrospect, I have a time of emotion. This window is the only window in my small room. For ten years, I have done my duty to bring the light outside to the darkness and bring light. The window is in a good position, on the third floor, just to see the top of the incense bubble tree downstairs, below is the community gate. From here, the vehicles and walking people who come from here seem to see the small world in their hearts. When I first moved in, little people liked to sit on a small window sill and read books. When they looked tired, they looked out and smiled and looked outside or sunny or rainy or snowy. On the glass Marlboro Cigarettes, I posted a sticker that I thought was the best, but I didn��t know where it came from, but it slowly lost its viscosity in the future, falling off the window and falling on the wooden floor. This is about the initial memory of the small window. Then it is about the third grade. The community has many chores, what moves, greets marriage, mourns, and the red and white mourning passes through the gate. Every time there was a firecracker, I squatted on the window sill and looked out and saw a happy or sad person passing by the door, crying and laughing. Just like the generals reviewing the soldiers; and like an outsider watching a movie that tells "a happy relationship between people", then my mind begins to mature. I feel that the stickers on the glass are too naive and too unsightly, so I tried every means to eliminate them. However, I found that no matter how hard I tried Marlboro Gold, I couldn��t tear away the traces left by the stickers until there were still white marks on the window today. A white print was placed in the middle of the window, and there was something in the throat. At first, I stopped looking at the people outside, and I only looked at myself, and the window inside the window was completely separated by the glass. This kind of life didn't last long. I don't know when I had the hobby of watching the street scene. When I watched it, I liked to take a breath on the glass and paint on it. When you are tired, you will see the distance, watch the sun shining, the car speeding, watching the rainy days, walking slowly. Look at the fast pace of the day and watch the evening quiet. Look at the stars in the sky, the lights on the side of the road, the clouds in the sky, the people on the ground, all of which can make me look back for a long time without returning to God. Look tired, gently breathe a sigh of relief on the glass, although the brushwork is tender Wholesale Cigarettes, it is also full of fun now, at home time is decreasing, but when I have spare time, I prefer to look out and occasionally paint me. The abstract "masterpiece". It��s just that when people put out firecrackers, I will cover my ears, I will be frowning, I will not be excited, and some will just be impatient. The vehicle stopped and opened, and it stopped and stopped. I don��t know how many times. The people in the window have changed, the furnishings have not changed, the scenery outside the window has changed, the field of vision has not changed, the years have changed, the windows have not changed, the windows in the memory are too many, the years are flowing, some are blurred and some are still very clear. The years do not stop, the window view does not stop.
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