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start thinking

Try closing your eyes for a moment and see how you can focus more easily something. Just the action of closing your eyes will eliminate more than half of the distraction that we encounter constantly throughout the day.

So this is lesson in playing golf with your eyes closed. Seriously – this is a great way to perfect your putting by getting the right ‘feel’. You won’t need the ball initially – just the putter and you standing on the green. Now get into your normal putting stance and visualize a ball on the ground and line it up with the hole. Swing your putter Ty Montgomery Packers Jersey , as you would do if you were to hit a ball. Now do it again with your eyes closed and become aware of the pressure of your hands on the grip. Feel the lightness of your grip and the weight of the putter hanging in your hands.

As you swing gently, be aware of the club as it grazes the grass on the green. You should be able to feel the pressure of the grass dragging lightly on your club. You can continue to swing backwards and forwards in a fluid motion making slight adjustments to eliminate the drag on your putter and more importantly you will be able to focus on the lightness of touch you have on the grip of your club.

This is the important part of this exercise. This will allow you to swing your putter while retaining the same light grip throughout the movement not squeezing tighter on the club at any point through your swing. Once you have done this a few times with and without your eyes closed, place a ball on the ground and concentrate more on the ‘feel’ of the club in your hands than the ball you are hitting.

This is also excellent training for getting the right distance on the green, as you will begin to have a better feel for what you putter will do and your action will be more consistent.

Part 2: How Do You Keep Your Head Still?

One thing we are all taught when getting golf lessons is to keep your head still when you hit the ball. Obviously this is not completely possible and even the best players in the game have some head movement during their swing. Observe them next time you see them play and you will see what I mean. There is one thing that all good golfers do manage to do and that is, they keep their head behind the ball at the point of impact. They might have some movement on their back swing but they will ensure that their head is behind the ball when they strike it and that is what is most important.

You should certainly try to keep your head as still as possible and the less movement you have the better, however as you drive faster and harder you will naturally get more head movement. While you need to control your head movement it is not something that you should have to focus on when you are playing. This action should come naturally and that will happen more easily with practice.
As soon as you start thinking too much when you are about to take your shot you will begin to have trouble.

Tom Carrinton, an internet sports writer, is best know for his series of golf instruction articles entitled Useful Golf Recommendations That Genuinely Work. You can study more of his posts by clicking these hyperlinks: myrtle beach golf packages

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