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HOHHOT http://www.cheapmlbpiratesshop.com/roberto-clemente/ , China, Jan. 11 (Xinhua) -- China's wrestler Menkhduren on Saturday took the gold medal in an international wrestling meet in Hohhot, capital of north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Menkhduren took the first place after three rounds of the fourth monthly competition and made it to the finals.

Nearly 130 wrestlers from China, Mongolia, Russia, the United States, South Africa and other countries and regions took part in the competition http://www.cheapmlbpiratesshop.com/willie-stargell/ , which is held monthly and has the finals that offers a total prize of one million yuan (about 162,000 U.S. dollars).

What if I mess up, what if I drop the ball, what if I look like a moron, what if we lose, or worse yet, injured! These are questions that run through the minds of athletes at all levels form pee-wee to Pro's. These thoughts can become so powerful and take over a players mind creating self sabotage. Everyone wants to be at their physical and mental best while playing their sport http://www.cheapmlbpiratesshop.com/ , but this can be difficult to achieve without help.

Often we set ourselves up for failure in sports when we begin to think of our flaws. For instance, a basketball player might feel too short or not fast enough. Being short may be true, but this should not effect how you play the game. Not every basketball player is tall, but if you know how to play the game, this will help you. If you are not fast enough, this is something that can be fixed, through both physical workouts and mental workouts. By identifying what limits you mentally to be slow http://www.cheapmlbpiratesshop.com/francisco-cervelli/ , you can then become physically fast. It could possibly be a memory you had that is holding you back, or maybe a learned behavior. If someone continues to tell you that you are too slow, you begin to believe you are. Over coming this belief alone can be difficult.

A baseball player doesn't hit 5 homeruns in a row because he was lucky, he is focused. When you are not focused and in the "zone" it is difficult to perform at your best. Focus can be lost for many reasons. Maybe there is pressure from fans or parents, a loud negative person on the court or in the stands, or maybe you simply psyched yourself out before the game even started by worrying you would have a bad game. Identifying what makes you lose focus, and learning new tricks to keep focus http://www.cheapmlbpiratesshop.com/gregory-polanco/ , you can become unstoppable and not lucky, but focused.

A sport such as swimming ultimately is all about skill. It is not about who got a good call, but who is simply better, which it true of many other sports. If you can learn to improve your skill level mentally, the physical improvements will fall into place allowing you to create your own luck. By learning different cues mentally, you can teach your body how to be on point and improve your skill level. When your mind has powerful successes they become easier to recreate during the game.

The ultimate athlete loves himself, his team and the game. This love builds a better http://www.cheapmlbpiratesshop.com/jung-ho-kang/ , stronger, more valuable athlete. If you are constantly worrying about how you did in the game or how bad your team mate is then you are doing yourself, your team and the sport a disservice. If you were always told how bad you are at something or how if you teammate would have just passed you the ball you could have won, you are allowing these experiences to take over the game. You are no longer the best you can be. Once you learn how to deal with these feelings and memories, you will become an amazing athlete.

Sure you can work out at the gym for hours on end to improve your skills, or you can try to focus on something else during the game, but you have not really dealt with the issue. Hypnosis is one way of achieving all of these things and more. It will identify what skills you have hidden deep down and how to develop the new and old skills with a new positive energy http://www.cheapmlbpiratesshop.com/sean-rodriguez/ , which replaces the negative. You will learn how to focus your energy on the game instead of an obnoxious fan or coach. All of these things are distractions and they can hinder your progress as an athlete. While under hypnosis your mind is more relaxed and open to suggestions, you will not longer have the feeling you are sabotaging yourself you will be an unstoppable athlete.

Sports, whether they are for a living or entertainment should above all be fun. You should not have to experience a worthless, anxious, or distracted feeling before you begin a sport. Sure you can try other things but there is no reason to try those things when there is one blanket treatment for it. You know what works for you and your lifestyle, make your choice, but make an informed choice.

The 1977 FESPIC games http://www.cheapmlbpiratesshop.com/dave-parker/ , held in Sydney, Australia, marked a turning point when a team of amputees competed in sporting events specifically established for those with disabilities. It was decided, following this session of the FESPIC games, that the establishment of an organisation must be sought after to encourage competitive athletics for Australian based amputees. As the story goes, in 1981, the dream of such an organisation became a reality when the Amputee Sporting Association of Australia was born. The mission of the association was to encourage the participation in both recreational and competitive sports for those living with amputations and other types of physical disabilities. Programs of this nature require funding http://www.cheapmlbpiratesshop.com/barry-bonds/ , so when the Australian Government recognized the need, they stepped in and opened up their pocketbooks.

Inclusion at Australia Games
As the saga continues, in 1985, amputees were included in the Australia Games, which allowed them to compete with athletes who were not considered disabled. For those who fought so hard to make this dream a reality, seeing the athletes with disabilities able to compete at such a level was reward in itself; so much so, that the original dream of including amputees turned into the inclusion of disabled individuals at many levels. For all ab. Cheap Dallas Mavericks Jerseys   Cheap Charlotte Hornets Jerseys   Cheap Atlanta Hawks Jerseys   Cheap Memphis Grizzlies Jerseys   Cheap Los Angeles Clippers Jerseys   Cheap Boston Celtics Jerseys   Cheap Cleveland Cavaliers Jerseys   Cheap Chicago Bulls Jerseys   Cheap Milwaukee Bucks Jerseys   Cheap Oklahoma City Thunder Jerseys

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