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you need about Vail Colorado

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Vail is such a popular tourist destination just about everything in town is based on a booking system!

You'll need to book your flights from wherever you are to get to Vail. There isn't an airport right in Vail, instead planes fly to Eagle County airport. Many major cities in the US have direct flights to this airport. You can catch a shuttle from the airport to Vail or you can make a booking for a rental car.

You'll want to make Vail reservations to book your hotel or wherever you're staying. You can usually find them from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars per night, depending on your tastes in luxury as well as your needs and the size of group you're traveling with. Remember, the larger the group you travel with, the earlier you'll want to make your booking so that you can make sure you'll find a place to stay.

You'll also want to make Vail reservations for dinner while you're there for at least one evening. There are the restaurants you'd expect but there is also some really great world class dining with an extensive wine list...cap off a day of skiing with a booking at a table for two at a classy restaurant.

Another place to make Vail reservations is for a tee-off time at one of the local golf courses if you are traveling during the spring, summer, or fall months. While Vail is not famous for their golfing, they do have great golfing...golfing is to Vail what that secret fishing hole is to a fishermen!

If you go in the winter and have never skied before, you'll want to make a reservation at a ski school so they can teach you how to strap on your skis and blaze down the slopes. If you don't own skis, you can make a booking to rent a pair while you're there.

Vail Colorado is THE place to go for a great ski vacation. No matter what level of skier you are, all you need is a passion for the slopes and a little time to spend in this beautiful city.

The secret to enjoying a great vacation in Vail is to anticipate your needs and make your Vail reservations as early as possible. Be sure to ask if there is an "early booking" discount available. But not everything needs reservations: you can take the free shuttle at any time to get around town. If you have a vehicle, you can head out of town less than two hours down the road to ski Snowmass Mountain in either Snowmass or Aspen, or you can spend time in Antler Colorado as well. (If you don't book a spot in Vail on time, you may be able to find a Snowmass inn or Antler motel that you can stay at. It's just down the road!).

Shopping is another activity that you'll enjoy that won't require a reservation. And if you're a single person in search of great nightlife, you shouldn't have any reservations about hitting the clubs in Vail!
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