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he speaks about matters

MADRID Nike Air Max Mens Online , Jan. 3 (Xinhua) -- Cristiano Ronaldo says he has no regrets and "goes to bed every night with a clear conscience," in an interview in which he speaks about matters beyond his performance on the football pitch.

Speaking to the "El Mundo" newspaper in an interview published on Sunday in Spain, the Real Madrid striker, said he "doesn't see life like a battle."

"Everyone can think what they like about me, but I go to bed every night with a clear conscience and I sleep well," he said Nike Air Max Mens Outlet , adding you "can't be obsessed with what other people think about you."

"Not even God can please everyone," commented Ronaldo, who nevertheless, admits that sometimes his arrogant gestures on the pitch have helped form people's opinions of him.

"That's obvious, but they are natural gestures, I don't plan on them beforehand and sometimes I regret them Nike Air Max Mens Clearance ," he said, although he probably won't be stopping them in the future because "it is very hard to change."

Ronaldo will be 31 next month and was asked about his life after football, he replied he wanted his clothing brand to continue to expand, but explained that once his playing life ends "there is another life. It will be difficult to start with, but I don' t want to be a coach, a club director or President."

Despite his confidence he will be able to leave the game behind Ronaldo explained that at the moment his entire life is "conditioned because I live for football. I like to feel good and do things well. I have a great life Nike Air Max Mens Sale , but I think I will enjoy it more than my career is over, when I have time to do what I like," said Ronaldo, who is clearly looking forward to having more free time.

"I have a great job, cars, houses...but that isn't everything. For example Nike Air Max Mens Shoes , this Saturday there is a fight (boxing) in Las Vegas and I would like to take my family and friends to go and see it, but I can't because I am sacrificing myself and don't have the time. I can't regret that now, but later I want to live like a king," he commented.

WELLINGTON, July 23 (Xinhua) -- Business leaders from both sides of the Tasman on Wednesday urged the finance ministers of New Zealand and Australia to look at ways of boosting Asian tourism and investment in the two nations.

Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey and New Zealand Finance Minister Bill English were both speaking at a meeting of the Australia New Zealand Leadership Forum in Wellington.

The forum wanted to see more trans-Tasman trade and investment, and more joint work between Australia and New Zealand to advance engagement with Asia Nike Air Max Mens , said Business New Zealand chief executive Phil O'Reilly in a statement.

Implementing joint Productivity Commission recommendations, liberalizing capital flows and boosting Asian tourism were discussed at the meeting.

New Zealand and Australia had a shared interest in optimizing Asian investment and deepening relations with Asian nations, O' Reilly said.

"There are differing regulations and practices on both sides of the Tasman that if harmonized could improve trade through the wider region," he said.

A joint Australia-New Zealand visa for major events was one improvement that could boost growth in business and trade.

Hockey's visit followed the attendance in Sydney last week of New Zealand business leaders at the Leadership Group of the Business 20, a forum of business leaders from across the G20 group of the world's biggest economies.

Hockey, on his first visit to New Zealand since becoming Treasurer last year Cheap Air Max Mens , also met with Prime Minister John Key.

KABUL, July 2 (Xinhua) -- Contrary to the previous plan of the Afghan Election Commission set for declaring the result of the country's presidential elections, the announcement of the polls once again has been postponed, local newspapers reported on Wednesday.

Initially, the Election Commission set July 2 to announce the preliminary result of the alleged fraud-marred presidential polls, but the decision has been withheld.

This is the second time that the Election Commission delayed the results of the presidential elections as front-runner candidate Abdullah Abdullah has doubted the commission's impartiality Air Max Mens Outlet , warning not to accept the body's decisions unless clean votes from the fake one are filtered.

The Election Commission was supposed to announce the partial result of the polls last week, but it was delayed in the wake of objection by Abdullah's team.

"In the wake of widespread fraud in the election process committed by the then chief secretariat of the Election Commission, Ziaul Haq Omarkhil, and strong objection of presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah, the Election Commission once again delayed announcing preliminary results of the elections for several days," the newspaper Daily Mandegar writes in its front page.

Another newspaper Air Max Mens Online , Hasht-e-Subh, reported that the Election Commission on Tuesday announced it would examine all the complaints submitted by presidential candidate Abdullah and would respond to all of his questions, if not against the law.

However, Daily Outlook, an English newspaper, reported that Omarkhil boarded a flight for the United Arab Emirates with his family on Monday.

Omarkhil's unimpeded departure received harsh criticism from who believes that Omarkhil should be present to answer for the accusations of fraud that have been filed against him.

According to local media Air Max Mens White , chairman of the Election Commission Ahmad Yusuf Nuristani has said that the votes cast in 1,900 polling sites would be investigated for the second time and it would takes few more days to announce the preliminary results of the June 14 presidential runoff.

NANCHANG, Aug. 8, 2016 (Xinhua) -- A tourist enjoys an ice slide at an ice paradise in Nanchang, capital of east China's Jiangxi Province, Aug. 7, 2016. Many tourists came to the paradise to enjoy the cool in Nanchan.

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