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Control Bugs Carpenter ants

Control Bugs
Carpenter ants
Carpenter ants tunnel through wood, but don’t eat it. Reproductive carpenter ants are winged, and when you see them they’re leaving the nest.

You find a swarm of ant-like bugs with wings inside your house or on the siding. You think it could mean trouble, and you may be right. They might be carpenter ants or they might be termites. Both will eat your house. And in both cases, the ones you see are reproductive individuals leaving the nest. You can tell the species apart this way: Carpenter ants have a pronounced “waist” and back wings that are shorter than the front wings (not shown).
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You can usually deal with carpenter ants yourself: Find the working ants. They’re large and black. Find the nest and use insecticide directly on it, or use bait. Be sure either product is specifically labeled for carpenter ants. Then fix the moisture problem that gave them their cozy habitat; it’s the wet wood that attracts them.

But if you do have termites… don’t mess with them. Call a state-certified pest management professional—even if you’re just guessing that they’re termites. A termite inspection will cost a little, but repairing termite damage could cost you thousands. A pest professional’s work is usually guaranteed and normally includes a reinspection every year after treatment.


Keep rodents and pests out of your garden

I potted up some lovely containers this summer filled with ornamental grasses, tomatoes, herbs and a variety of flowers. They’re absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately, the squirrels in my neighborhood dig them too—literally. What the heck are squirrels looking for in my pots? Nuts they buried last year? Or are they already burying nuts for next year? Whatever they’re doing, they uproot the plants, knock soil everywhere and generally make a nuisance of themselves.

I solved the problem by placing 1/2-in. metal hardware cloth just under the surface of the soil. It lets water and air in, but the squirrels can’t dig through it. I used tin snips and cut several pieces to fit around the plants in the container. (If you’re thinking ahead, you could cut it to the size of the container and cut holes for your plants before you’ve planted them.) I poked the sharp metal edges down into the soil and covered the hardware cloth with a little more soil and mulch.

It’s worked like a charm. I haven’t had a single squirrel dig in any of them since. Just make sure to use galvanized metal hardware cloth so it won’t rust immediately. You’ll be able to reuse it year after year.

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