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Control Bugs

Check what your ants are eating. Some brands of bait work for sweet-feeding ants; others (like ant traps) attract protein feeders. If one type of bait doesn’t work, try the other, or put out both at the same time.

Don’t use bait or traps where kids or pets can get at them.
Federal law requires insecticides to be labeled with at least one of three words: Danger, Warning or Caution. Try to avoid using products labeled with the word “Danger.”
In general, avoid insecticides that are effective only if sprayed over a wide area. They provide minimal contact for bugs and maximum contact for people.
If you use an insecticide indoors, make sure it’s explicitly labeled for indoor use.
Carpenter bees are hammering me
Control Bugs
Tunneling carpenter bees
Don’t worry. They’re mostly harmless. Carpenter bees are huge—like a bumblebee—and they look ferocious, and they can be very defensive about their territory. But they rarely sting, and even though their tunnel-like nests inside deck wood and under eaves look destructive, the nests are usually small, and control is easy. After dark, squirt an insecticide, labeled for carpenter bees, in the entrance hole and caulk it closed a few days later.

Yellow jackets are dive-bombing me
Look, we won’t kid you. Yellow jackets, a type of wasp, have the human race beat. Those big hummers that try to take away your hamburger when you eat outside are almost invincible. You can kill their underground nests by pouring lots of soapy water down the hole, if you’re lucky enough to find it. And you can eliminate outdoor sources of food and water—uncovered garbage cans, pet dishes, drippy faucets. For above-ground nests, try an aerosol wasp and hornet insecticide.
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Control Bugs
The first step in controlling them is eliminating all food and water sources.

Running across my kitchen floor! Scientists say that for every cockroach you see, there are 100 to 600 more hiding in cracks and under your dishwasher and refrigerator. Now don’t you feel better already?

Getting rid of their food is the first step in getting rid of them. Clean up every speck and crumb—from shelves, drawers, pantry, under appliances, under the sink. Store any accessible food in plastic containers. Equally important: Remove the roaches’ water supply. Fix leaky sink traps and drippy faucets. Elevate Rover’s water dish. Eliminate damp dish towels, sponges and scrub pads. Sealed bait containers like Roach Motel are most effective. Boric acid pesticide powder also works. Just sprinkle it lightly into all cracks and crevices. It’s long-lasting and relatively nontoxic. Look for it at hardware stores and home centers.

We don’t recommend spray insecticides; they’re quite toxic for use around a kitchen, and not very effective. Many roaches are immune to them.

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No, probably not. Meal moths, also known as pantry moths, get into dry food like flour, cornmeal, beans and dried fruit. Also food-based decorations and Christmas ornaments, birdseed and dog food. Either toss out the affected stuff or put it in the freezer for at least four days. Or heat it in a 130-degree oven for 30 minutes. Meal moths don’t carry disease, so after picking the dead bodies and larvae out of the food, you can eat it. (Arrgh! Not me!)

Next time, store your food in glass or sturdy plastic containers with sealed lids. And would you believe this? High-IQ meal moth larvae can penetrate unopened plastic-wrapped food and then hatch.

Could these things be termites? Eating my house?

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