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Rid of Pests

Rid of Pests

Experts agree that baits work best. Ants take bait back to the colony, eliminating thousands of ants, including the egg-laying queens. In addition to Combat and Advion gel bait, the University of Kentucky extension service also recommends Raid Ant Bait II, Terro Ant Killer II, Advance Maxforce and Optigard Gel.

Baits can initially invite more ants into the house. You may be tempted to spray these buggers with insecticide. DON’T. Let the ants take the bait back to the colony, and be patient! Experiment with different gel products if one doesn’t seem to be effective. They all have different active ingredients and food components.

Spectracide Bug Stop claims to provide nine months of indoor bug control. Annihilator Insecticide Premise Spray lasts for 30 days. Both kill bugs on contact. These products are toxic to bees and fish, so don’t use them around gardens or ponds. You can find both products at farm supply stores, home centers and online.
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Cornmeal is one of many pet- and kid-friendly slug remedies. Others include:

Escar-Go! and Sluggo products, which contain iron phosphate.

Crushed eggshells, pine needles, diatomaceous earth and other abrasive materials sprinkled around plants.

Tin cans filled with a few inches of beer sunk into the ground, which attracts slugs and drowns them.

Slugs will also shelter beneath a board or an upside-down pail. Set one out each evening and you can kill a bunch of slugs each morning.

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