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Patrick Roy Jersey

by Fu Yiming J.T. Compher Jersey , Wei Xuechao

STOCKHOLM, Aug. 26 (Xinhua) -- When information and communication technologies marry traditional healthcare, new Apps become unquestionable star in proposing better and better solutions to enhance future health and social care.

During the two-day event Digital Health Days 2014, which kicked off on Monday at Stockholm International Exhibition Centre in Sweden, a variety of the latest Apps on show demonstrated just how easily these could all be possible.

From applications that make it possible for dementia patients to live at home longer, to other inventions on drug development Carl Soderberg Jersey , robots in nursing, patient interaction and much more, many state-of-the-art applications are promoted and discussions are held on the topic of future trend of digital healthcare.

An eye gaze control application, which can help physical disorder patients in interacting with computer and accomplishing certain jobs by capturing and analyzing the eye movement of the patient, brings benefit to the physical disorder patients.

“We have a lot of users with ALS, CP Blake Comeau Jersey , Rett Syndrome and spinal cord injuries. By using our eye tracker, we can give them access to computer and give them the voice back through using their gaze for interaction,” Anders Mathisen, Product Manager of Tobii Technology told Xinhua.

“To these patients, it is not impossible anymore to do what they could not cope with before,” said Mathisen. “We are enabling our users to send e-mails Alexander Kerfoot Jersey , surf the web, send text messages, Skype, Facebook, basically anything you and I will do on a computer. We can also give disabled users access to that.

Diabetes pose serious problems to many today all over the world. A smart phone app on show integrates the clinic and healthcare system to offer patients optimal benefit.

By connecting patients with diabetes to a system for the clinic using the smart phone app, the patient’s data can be shared with the clinic on a timely manner.

“The clinic can always have instant access to patient data and can respond and give feedback to the patient in a timely manner when he needs it the most. The patient in the other hand gets support from his smartphone all through his day Sven Andrighetto Jersey ," said Madeleine Winberg, Chief Scientific Officer of Diabetes Tools Sweden AB.

“More functions and features will be brought to this app,” said Winberg. "With big data you can do a lot of analysis on the population level to apply knowledge that you learn from other patients to you existing patients.”

Meanwhile, an app based on Google Glass is paid wide range of attention. This app enables anesthetists to track the patients' vitals just ahead of the surgeries.

“When they put the glasses on, they can see the person's heart beats, they can see the person's vitals and keep track of them Tyson Barrie Jersey , instead of looking away. Because now the big instruments are placed at the sides or even behind, so the doctors need to look away and the patient (are) not under observation,” said Patrik Hobring, System Developer of Softronic AB.

“Anesthetists control the app by voice instead of hands. This makes the anesthetists more concentrated in anesthesia itself,” said Hobring. “It's very clean, so I don't contaminate anything. My hands are where they should be and not anywhere else.”

Alexander Batsis Semyon Varlamov Jersey , System Developer of Softronic AB told Xinhua that with the interaction and feedback from the clinic, new functions will be promoted in the future.

“In the future, we will also develop function for the glass app which will enable the anesthetists to make video calls to the on-call doctors. And then the doctor will have a companion app which he or she will be able to use to monitor all the surgeries which are in progress, which he or she is in charge of. So that person can see all the things which the person with Google glass can see,” said Batsis.

The Digital Health Days 2014 is held once a year and lasts for two days. Attendees also contribute to the digital healthcare by participating seminars and exchanging the ideas on the latest in the field.

With winter on its way, what could be better than warming yourself up with these delicious apple turnover or perhaps a "brown bag" French Apple Pie might be more to your linking. Two treats you wont want to resist!

All-American Apple Turnovers

All you need is:

2 tb Unsalted butter
3 lg Apples (ab. 1-12 lbs);
-peeled Patrick Roy Jersey ,cored & cut i
( 3cups)
12 c Apple cider or unsweetened
--- apple juice
2 tb Sugar
2 ts Fresh lemon juice
1 pn Salt
14 c Unsweetened apple butter
2 tb Dried currants (optional)
1 ts Lemon zest; finely grated
14 ts Cinnamon (optional)
1 pn Ground cloves; (optional)
1 pn Ground allspice; (optional)

(Use favorite pastry) These turnovers are best with at least two varieties Sweet spices optional. 1. Melt butter in a lg nonreactive skillet over mod. high heat. Add 2 c of Transfer apple mixture to a med. bowl & refrigerate,uncovered, till cooled 2. On a lightly floured work surface, roll out the pastry dough to an 18x20 Spoon the cooled apple filling on the lower half of each of the rounds. Lightly moisten the edges of the rounds with with milk.

Transfer turnovers to a heavy baking sheet & refrigerate at least 15 min. 4 Using a sharp knife, cut 2 small slits in top of each turnover to vent steam, Makes 10.

"Brown Bag" French Apple Pie


1 12 c All-Purpose Flour
12 ts Salt
12 c Shortening
5 tb ICE Water
8 c Apples [peeled & sliced]
14 c Granulated Sugar
2 tb All-Purpose Flour
12 ts Nutmeg Mikko Rantanen Jersey Sale , Ground
2 tb Lemon Juice
1 ts Cinnamon, Ground


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