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How to improve the efficiency of printing?

In order to improve the efficiency of hp cf230x toner cartridges, how to deal with it?
Trying to improve print efficiency, has always been the pursuit of each print user relentless! Usually many print users like to modify the print settings, optimize the print performance method to improve print efficiency, but the default print settings will be able to ensure that the printer to get a good Work efficiency, so by modifying the print settings, optimize the print performance of the method to improve the efficiency of printing results may not be very obvious. In fact, one of the most obvious factors affecting print efficiency is the frequent occurrence of print troubleshooting tips, especially some weird fault tips, after all, if you can not quickly remove these print failures, print efficiency will be seriously affected. In view of this, this article from the following learn to remove the printer weird tips start, by increasing the experience of troubleshooting methods, to print efficiency to a new level!

Cancel print port mismatch prompt. The market's new printer USB port of cf230x is almost all belong to the USB2.0 interface standard, when this standard printer into the old computer motherboard, often appear similar to the high-speed USB printer inserted into the low-speed interface on the message, sometimes so The prompt does not affect the normal operation of the printer. However, if we hope that the next time you insert the printer, do not let the computer system pop-up above the message, how to achieve it? In fact, according to the following steps, we can easily cancel the print port speed does not match the prompt message:

First, in the computer system connected to the printer, click the "Start" / "Settings" / "Control Panel" command, in the pop-up control panel window, double-click the "System" icon, and in the pop-up system properties settings window Click the "Hardware" tab, and then click the corresponding tab in the "Device Manager" button, open the system's device list window;

Then in the list window with the mouse to expand the "Universal Serial Bus Controller" branch, in the corresponding branch below to find "USB universal host controller" project, and right-click the project, from the pop-up shortcut menu to perform "Properties "Command to open the local computer's USB controller properties settings interface;

Click on the "Advanced" tab in the interface, enter the label page as shown in 1, select the "Do not notify me UBS error" item, and click "OK" button, so that we next insert the USB When the printer is in the old computer's motherboard, the system does not appear to indicate that the print port speed does not match. Of course, once we "do not notify me UBS error" project selected, sometimes can not accurately know the local board USB port is a high-speed port, so we try to be based on the actual needs of targeted settings.

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