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Why the laser printer has print engine market and print machine marke

With the popularity of black and white and color laser printers in both business and personal desktop applications, more and more users are beginning to use laser printers as the printer of choice for their office output. In order to better guide users to purchase and use laser printer products rationally, we will launch a "Perspective laser hit" column to introduce the laser printer from the laser printer principle, hot technology, purchase and maintenance, and several other aspects. However do you know why the laser printer has print engine market and print machine market? We will explain from below information.
Both black and white laser printers or color laser printers, the basic working principle is the same, they all use a similar copier electro photographic technology, the print content into a photoconductor on a pixel dot matrix bitmap image, Then transferred to print on paper to form print content. The only difference with copiers is the light source, the copier uses an ordinary white light source, and the laser printer uses a laser beam. We will be choose the black and white laser printer to introduce detail the working principle of the laser printer.
From the functional structure, the laser printer is divided into print engine and print controller parts. The laser printer's print engine is provided by a handful of engine makers such as Canon, Minolta, Xerox, Brother, Samsung and Hitachi. About the Printer manufacturers is bought from the Engine manufacture or customize print engines from engine manufacturers. According to the engine design controllers and print driver to complete the design and production of the entire printer, This is the reason to form the current laser printers in the field of print engine and print machine market.
The structure of the print engine is made by below parts. It includes several major components such as a laser scanner, a reflection prism, a photosensitive drum, a print cartridge, a thermal transfer unit and a paper feed mechanism. And as we all know the most important parts from above that is the toner cartridge. In this two big markets, the toner cartridge demand is so big and it has so many suppliers on the market to share. As a consumer, the toner cartridge is the heart of printer engine, the quality should be considered at first. Such as if I want to replace brother TN760 toner, I will browse the information from the website in advance and choose the best one then make the final decisions.

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