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Teresina Soapstone is a proud supplier of premium quality soapstone products to their clients across California. Located in Roseville, California, the company installs soapstone products throughout all of Northern and Central California and distributes products to clients across the state to ensure that residents have access to exceptional quality soapstone products for their home countertops and bathroom areas. Clients can rest assured that when they purchase soapstone from the specialists at Teresina Soapstone, they will be receiving a truly superior quality material.

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Each slab of soapstone imported by the team at Teresina Soapstone derives from highly regulated quarries in Brazil, the country known for producing the highest quality product on the current market. And for the environmentally-conscious buyer, there are a great many benefits to purchasing this style of material over traditional materials such as granite and marble. For example, the quarries utilized to mine soapstone are smaller than those used to mine granite and marble, therefore there is a minimal impact on the overall environment as a result of soapstone mining. This benefit is highlighted by the fact that, if soapstone were mined within 500 miles within North America, it would qualify for LEED certification under local area environmental legislation. This means that, for the modern homeowner looking to minimize their environmental impact while improving the aesthetic appeal of their property’s countertops, soapstone is the number one choice.

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