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company mainly produce rotary kiln for ore dressing Derrick Favors Jersey , 30 years of industry experience to create top quality, Our rotary kiln equipment is trusted by many customers at home and abroad.What should spare Rotary Kiln welding work before?

1. The rotary kiln shell welding work must be qualified in the rotary kiln shell is looking after, and the use of welding gear rotary kiln.

2. Electrode selection: rotary kiln electrode welds to ensure its quality should not be less than the mechanical properties of the base metal mechanical properties, welding process parameters and the specific implementation requirements of the drawings. Drawing no requirements, must develop welding instructions.

3. To participate in the rotary kiln shell welding welder Dante Exum Jersey , must pass the examination are allowed to officially participate in the rotary kiln shell welding. Normally two test panels of each welder welding, bending and tensile strength required to intercept test specimens for bending and tensile strength tests. Test panels of material, groove forms, welding processes are the same requirements and formal welding.sand washing equipment:http:www.hx-china9
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4. Used for rotary kiln shell welding electrodes, must be dried before use Boris Diaw Jersey , in the dry box, the temperature of 250 ~ 300 ?, drying time is 1 ~ 2h. Dried down to about 150 ? temperature preservation, on the insulation tube, used with the check Alec Burks Jersey , to avoid staying too long in the air.

5. Before the deal rotary kiln cylinder welding groove in the form, size check, not a groove at the delamination crack, slag and other defects affecting the quality, welded joints before welding on both sides should be 30 ~ 50mm wide paint  Adrian Dantley Jersey , rust and other dirt cleaned, exposing metallic luster to start welding.

6. Prior to welding, the rotary kiln gear lubricating roller bearings, roller wipe the surface of debris, with the auxiliary drive slowly turn rotary kiln shell Customized Jazz Jersey , the welding ground shall not be connected to the rotary kiln tire or wheel on the cable insulation measures should be reliable, have good low welding location lighting, ventilation and insulation. Also, the rotary kiln in welding workers and establish communication links between operators.

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A comfortable floor rug at home can really be a comfort, adds to the decor Cheap Jazz Jersey , and great for kids to play on but the care of this wonderful rug is a must. These pieces of textile need a lot of care as they tend to accumulate a lot of dust and grime from time to time and we do spend a good amount buying them, so maintenance is always a prime requisite. In different parts of the world there are different techniques used for the care of these carpets and some of the most common methods are discussed herewith.

One of the most common techniques is the use of carbonated bubbles which have the capacity to penetrate into the carpet fibers and remove the dirt particles easily within a few hours .The carpets we use are always quite a good attractant for mites, allergy causing agents, bacteria and even pets do litter them. So proper care and cleaning would always be important and we can always go ahead and take the help of professionals in this field who can provide the right guidance and maintenance of the carpets. They will be able to provide excellent care to the rugs at home with the latest techniques which are non toxic and delicate. Proper use of carpet cleaners and chemicals are required because if not done well, the cleaning could be quite hazardous and even pollute the indoor air Trey Lyles Jazz Jersey , or cause various health conditions to which our children, pets and even we are easily prone to. Of late one of the recent techniques is the use of green chemicals. This is much in buzz as the concern for environmental awareness arises and it has become a necessary duty to keep the environment clean. The chemicals we use at home or even used professionally need to be safe and should also provide quick easy and careful cleaning and various such eco friendly chemical washes are now available in the market. There are quite a few professional help centres which can help us to take care of the rugs. Now to decide on the provider who will cater to our needs to maintain the carpets we would have to keep in mind the methods they use to clean, the equipments used, how well trained are the professionals and of course the cost.

There are many vendors available and we can easily gather the required information about them online. Proper information is available online about the service provider along with all the benefits and other good to know information. As a matter of fact we can even fill up online forms and within hours we get call from the customer service department of the provider to fix up an appointment to fix up the date and time to clean the carpets. There are some carpet dealers who also offer the cleaning service and this is a good option as they will have good knowledge and skilled personnel to help in cleaning the carpets that we buy spending quite a fortune and expect to be there for quite a few years adding show to our flooring. We can also avail the service of carpet steam cleaners as it is an effective means of cleaning.
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