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Prior to educate yourself regarding all your family members

Stress and Allergies Stress and Allergies Wisdom from the VetWhen I was in college I took a class in veterinary science that was given by the head veterinarian of the university Chris Watt Jersey , Dr. Dale Smith. Our university was known for its school of Agriculture and had a reputation as being a 芒鈧揾ands on芒鈧?college. As a result we had large herds of cattle, flocks of sheep, pigs, horses, foul and so forth. Our vet believed in a holistic approach to animal health. Dr. Smith had been the university vet for almost thirty years, and his own father had been a vet before him. The first day he told our class, 芒鈧揟he most important thing of all for you to be concerned with in animal health is reducing stress. Virtually all the diseases of livestock you will encounter are caused by stress. 芒鈧?He further explained that most genetic diseases had long ago been eliminated with livestock through selective breeding. What you saw instead were animals that were sick because the farmer or rancher wasn芒鈧劉t taking care of them properly. They were left outside with no shade in the heat, left with no protection to get out of the wind, stuck in an over-crowded corral, fed a diet too low in nutrients, something that would cause stress. 芒鈧揟he stress causes a breakdown,芒鈧?said the vet, 芒鈧揳nd then disease of some kind shows up. It could be a pneumonia, cancer, allergies, any number of things, but stress always sets the stage for this disease.芒鈧?I have long wondered how it was that a veterinarian understood this so clearly and our own doctors didn芒鈧劉t seem to pay much attention to it at all. We are animals after all. Stress must affect us just as it does all the other species of animals. I think most of us who have lived with allergies understand that stress can aggravate the allergies. We芒鈧劉ll never be able to eliminate all stress from our lives. But we can learn ways to reduce it, and we can learn ways to deal with it. Whenever possible it is healthy to try to see some of this stress as a challenge. If we live active lives, we can expect plenty of stress, and that芒鈧劉s all right as long as we don芒鈧劉t let it get the best of us. In Allergy-Free Gardening and in Safe Sex in the Garden I explore how plant sex influences human wellness. If we have female rather than male plants, we won芒鈧劉t be inhaling all that male pollen and we won芒鈧劉t suffer from it. Allergy-friendly yards and gardens are stress busters. In addition to decreasing the number of allergens Casey Hayward Jersey , pollen grains, molds, and fungal spores, there are other things we can do to reduce stress in our lives, in our gardens. Are allergies just a head-trip? There is a reoccurring problem with stress and allergies. The problem is one of perception. It is well known that stress aggravates allergies. If you did a computer search using the terms 芒鈧搒tress, illness, disease,芒鈧?you might well be amazed at the hundreds of thousands of entries you芒鈧劉d find. For example, on the website healthdoc there芒鈧劉s an article, 芒鈧揝tress, the number one cause of disease and Illness.芒鈧?Even if the role of stress and illness is not as generally well understood, as it ought to be, it is certainly well documented. Stress contributes to heart disease in certain individuals. Stress also contributes to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other cardiac risk factors, and many other negative things as well. Someone with allergies who is under stress will almost certainly experience worse allergies. The problem here is that too many people mix up cause and effect. Allergies are caused by an allergic response to allergens, to perfectly real substances, pollens, molds, dust, dander Brandon Mebane Jersey , allergic plant saps and so forth. All too often ignorant people will imply that someone has allergies simply because they don芒鈧劉t know how to deal with stress. The implication is that you have allergies because you don芒鈧劉t really have your head screwed on straight. This isn芒鈧劉t true at all, and actually it is rather insulting. The next step in this illogical progression is that you deserve to have allergies since you芒鈧劉re bringing it on yourself. The people making these assumptions are, of course, people who don芒鈧劉t have allergies themselves. They don芒鈧劉t know how lucky they are, nor do they realize how arrogant are their views. Having persistent allergies can become pretty depressing and frustrating and critics are often insensitive to this as well. Yes, allergies can be aggravated by stress, but then too, so can any other illness be complicated by stress. Allergies are completely for real. A few examples of this: Years ago when I gave my students different flowers to sniff, we quickly found out that a third of the class reacted strongly to bottlebrush pollen. Later, in blind tests with different types of pollen, the same students all again reacted strongly to the bottlebrush pollen. Another example: I have seen people who were very allergic to shrimp. I have seen what happened to them when they ate some food that they'd been told did not have shrimp in it, but that actually did. They immediately became very ill. When an allergist skin tests someone, often this is done on their back. They can芒鈧劉t see the pricks nor do they know which allergen is being tested with each prick of the skin. Their skin will then react with a welt to the ones they are allergic to. If they are re-tested soon afterwards, the results will be the same. Allergic responses are totally for real and this simple fact needs to be respected. Back to stress. Here are some things we can do to reduce stress in our gardens.Forget about perfection We don芒鈧劉t need perfect gardens, not at all. Our gardens do not need to conform to some ideal. We should have gardens that please us, and that is what芒鈧劉s really important. Think of your garden as your place to feel relaxed, to kick back, to unwind. Good gardens can be great stress reducers.Garden Design When you first set up your gardens think about how they will be used. Borrow lib Be. Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys   Cheap NFL Jerseys China   Cheap NFL Jerseys

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