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Black and white TV was starting to catch on

The swinging sixties arrived in a world still waking up from post war drudgery. There were no mobile phones or internet and few opportunities for travel. The rich flew no further than Spain for a holiday. The most popular 'gadgets' were radiograms and twin tub washing machines.

Black and white TV was starting to catch on. Most people liked their fags - 70 per cent of men and 40 per cent of women smoked and most went down the pub or club for a night out. Eating out in restaurants was far too expensive - fish and chips on holiday was the nearest most families got.

Lager was beginning to catch on and wine was drunk only by the very well off. James Bond made his mark in the cinema along with spaghetti westerns and the Carry On films. And in the world of pop rock and roll was becoming mainstream. As America took the hippy trail JJ Redick Jersey , Britain was not far behind.


Boom, boom, Freddy Cannon, a rocker to the bone, opened up the decade with his one-hit, one-hot wonder album The Explosive Freddy Cannon before the relentless waves of South Pacific washed him away from the number one album spot forever. It was Bali Ha'i back on top another 27 weeks - and this a musical that opened on Broadway in 1949!

They knew how to stay the course in those days. Elvis managed a brief foot ashore in July with Elvis is Back but only lasted a week. And the one other album that managed the top spot that year for an impressive five weeks? One Hundred And One Strings with their memorably forgettable Down Drury Lane To Memory Lane. Didn't they realise this was the 60s?


This was the year of black, white and blue. The black and white was the The Black And White Minstrel Show  Jamal Crawford Jersey , at the top for 15 weeks. Blue was courtesy of Elvis, his stint in the Army over, and his smash movie GI Blues in the cinemas. The soundtrack album kicked the year off and hit the target on and off for 22 weeks.

The album was, at best, a trite rehash of old songs with the slight 'Wooden Heart' the standout track. But the first inkling that a band, rather than a solo singer, could make the big time came in September when the UK backing group The Shadows made number one Glen Davis Jersey , joined by their lead singer in November, one Cliff Richard, top dog for a week with I'm 21 Today.


It's the battle of the Atlantic as Elvis and Cliff Richard fight it out with Blue Hawaii and The Young Ones. The Young Ones turns out to be one of the highest grossing homegrown musical films in British cinema history but a bigger knockout musical West Side Story makes a move before Elvis lands his own knockout blow with the potboiler Pot Luck. Then it's like musical chairs.

Hardly anyone is top for more than a week - almost unheard of in staid album land. The Shadows, Cliff Richard, George Mitchell Minstrells and even Kenny Ball, Chris Barber and Acker Bilk. Meanwhile, four moptops from Liverpool cut their first single called Love Me Do . . . and didn't we just.


It reads like this - West Side Story DeAndre Jordan Jersey , top for one week, the Shadows back for two weeks and Cliff Richard set to steal the show with the album spin-off from his latest film Summer Holiday with a number one ranking for 14 weeks. Then The Beatles release their first album Please Please Me in May. They will stay top for virtually the rest of the decade.

The debut is toppled after 30 weeks by their follow-up With The Beatles in December. They stay top for a further 21 weeks before their next album takes over. And in the singles charts, 'From Me To You' triggers an unprecedented and unequalled 11 consecutive number ones from the Fab Four.


Hard to believe but there are only two bands in it all year. The Beatles, of course, kick off in January with With The Beatles, follow it up with songs from the film A Hards Day's Night and finish off the year with Beatles For Sale in December.

The only other band to take a turn at the top are The Rolling Stones, with their eponymous album at number one from May to July. The crooners and musicals are virtually banished from the album charts just as Top Of The Pops gets it first BBC broadcast with Jimmy Saville.


The giants slug it out this year as the Rolling Stones and the Beatles go head to head Chris Paul Jersey , the Stones with Rolling Stones No. 2 and the Beatles with a stunning flood of Beatles For Sale, Help and Rubber Soul.

Only one other pop artist can break the chain, a young troubadour with folk guitar and harmonica from over the pond. Cheeky-faced Bob Dylan makes pop sound serious with his Freewheelin Bob Dylan and Bringing It All Back Home. Oh, and arguably the tritest musical ever made - yes it's the singalong Sound Of Music at the top for 20 weeks.


Like yin and yang, chalk and cheese, toast and Marmite it's a dichotomy of the soul, a pull of the tides Brice Johnson Jersey , a bull and a bear - it's The Sound of Music for 10 weeks, the Rolling Stone's Aftermath for eight weeks, The Sound of Music back for seven weeks and the Beatles top for the next seven weeks with their masterpiece Revolver. And then .. . and then . . . Julie Andrews is back up that bloody mountain for 18 weeks. Some may have considered suicide. They may have been the lucky ones.


This was the famous Summer of Love, with half the civilised world on dope and free love the order of the day. And the pop album year began with . . . The Sound of Music. But its not all does and deers.

The marketing men are on the move. The Monkeys burst on the scene in February and stay top for seven weeks. Julie hits back and the two trade blows until June when they both get blown away by the best-known album cover of all time. The baPrice For Lee Papelbon Would Be Very High - RealGM.

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Re: Black and white TV was starting to catch on

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