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be something wrong with your profits that must be addressed.

锘? Its frustrating isn't it? You're a great trainer Brett Hundley Rush Jersey , your clients love you, you get fantastic results and you have (what you think is) a great website to showcase your services with great graphics, great pictures and neat, jazzy logo's and such and yet still you're finding that despite your greatest efforts, you're simply not getting any appreciable business. Worse still, the small number of people who actually find your website in the first place don't stay long enough to find out what you'reabout or bother to follow up with a call, an email or anything remotely resembling interest. What's going wrong? Why isn't this site that cost you a fair bit of your hard earned cash and tons of your even more valuable time actually delivering results for you? I bet this is a question you've asked yourself HUNDREDS of times right? And you're not alone. Virtually every personal trainer I have ever coached has had the same problem and I receive thousands of emails a year from others who echo it too. Well, I've never even seen your site but I guarantee you that if the above describes you then one or more of these 5 factors are contributing to the lack of traffic and lack of interest from your hottest prospects: Deadly Mistake Number 1: Your site lacks the WIIFM factor. When prospects arrive at your site the first thing they're looking for a reason to either stay on your site or press 'back' on their browser toolbar. Like you Ty Montgomery Rush Jersey , their time is precious and they simply want to know 'What's in it for me to stay on this page?'. Quite obvious really isn't it? So why is it then that 99% of personal trainers have their landing page all about themselves? You know what I'm talking about. There's a picture of themselves, usually in a tank top (!), and a list of their certifications, work experience and some inane or even INSANE drivel about how they promise to help. Talk about lacking WIIFM factor! Successful sites, those that get lots of traffic and people that actually take action as a result of visiting them tell the prospect UP FRONT what's in it for them to stay by demonstrating clearly an understanding of their problem. They don't say 'Bob's 1-to-1 will get you fitter than you've ever been before' they say 'Have you tried every fad diet, every celebrity workout and bought every fitness gizmo off of the shopping channel and yet you're STILL struggling to lose weight?' See the difference? The successful site understands what they prospect is going through and feeling and shows that understanding by describing the problem and coming up with a unique solution to it. Does your site do this? (Take the time to write your answer now) Deadly Mistake Number 2: You don't attract prospects that would buy your product or service in the first place. In short, you're marketing to everyone, the entire world in the hope that Quinten Rollins Rush Jersey , if you put out enough bait you're bound to attract someone eventually right? Wrong! Put out bait for everyone and you'll get no-one. Why? Because people want different things. One wants golf conditioning, one wants weight loss, one wants to improve his jump-shot. Sure, you might have the knowledge, skills and abilities to achieve all this and more but if you tell everyone this what are you saying? How about 'jack of all trades master of none'? If you want golfers then build a site dedicated to golfers. If you want weight loss clients then build one for them. Likewise athletes. Without adding a single certification or doing another minute of study you've moved into expert status and are much more likely to appear attractive in the eyes of your prospects and made it much more likely that those with a particular goal or interest will seek you out. You doing this? (Explain how it could do this better now) Deadly Mistake Number 3: Your website doesn't look professional. Most fitness website look like they were put together overnight by a 6 year old. They use uncomplimentary mixes of fonts, colors and graphics, cheesy stock photography or poorly framed digital pictures that they took themselves and have navigation and page layouts that make the whole site look and feel 'clumsy' to navigate. If this describes your site then you're got to know, this is simply killing your credibility as a professional! It's the internet equivalent of turning up to a top-notch business meeting in your working out clothes and muddy sneakers. You just wouldn't be taken seriously would you? The web is no different. If you want to be seen as a professional then your Netiquette needs to be on the ball. Clean Jacob Schum Rush Jersey , crisp page layouts, professional fonts (NOT Comic sans), relevant or deliberately abstract graphics (but not a haphazard mix) and lots of 'white space' between sentences and paragraphs. Also, keep your sentences shorter than normal as well as light and conversational in tone rather than using the grammar and punctuation you were taught in class. Does your site look like this? (what could be done to make your site more professional) Deadly Mistake Number 4: You don't tell people your story. Could you imagine walking into a bar and asking the first person you laid eyes on to marry you? Wouldn't be very likely to a yes response would you? So why do you try that approach with your website? You know what I mean. You simply post your services in a list that says 'this is what I do and this is what I charge, want to hire me?'. In effect, you're proposing before they know anything about what you're offering and you'rewondering why people aren't buying?! A buying relationship isn't really that different to any other relationship really. Simply spend some time building trust before you ask for their hand in marriage. Online (same as offline) you build that trust by telling your story. Your story is not just WHAT you do but also WHY you do it, WHEN you found this out and HOW.

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Re: be something wrong with your profits that must be addressed.

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Re: be something wrong with your profits that must be addressed.

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Re: be something wrong with your profits that must be addressed.

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Re: be something wrong with your profits that must be addressed.

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Re: be something wrong with your profits that must be addressed.

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