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Your Computer Needs an Oil Change!
If you know the importance of taking your car for an oil change every 3 Cheap MLB Jerseys ,000 miles then you understand the importance of computer maintenance. Many people take their cars to a service station while some change the oil themselves. Luckily, to perform computer maintenance you don't need to put your PC on a lift and get dirty underneath it. However, it's important to know what you're doing. Some people hire a "computer guy" to take care of all their PC needs. If you're a little tech savvy and know a little bit about your machine you can save some money doing these tasks yourself and maybe learn a little something on the way.
These days there are a number of developers out there creating programs to make maintenance tasks for those who may not know the ins and outs of their machine but wish to automate many of the tasks that need to be done to keep their PC running in optimal shape (visit wwwiendlysystems.net to see some of these programs). Below are some basic tips:
Be careful not to bump or drop your computer and do not put any objects on top of it
Never turn off your computer when the hard drive light is on because data on the hard drive could be lost or corrupted
Keep your screen clean with a proper cleaning gel and use a soft wipe like the kind you would use for expensive sunglasses
Drain the battery on your laptop at least once a month almost all the way down before re-charging it. This will extend its life and give you a longer lasting charge
Scan your computer for Trojans and viruses on a regular basis and make sure the definitions for those programs are up to date
Never click on links contained in emails from people you don't know. I personally do not like clicking on blind links. I would rather have the URL and paste that into a browser.
Avoid P2P sites that offer free software and music. These places often have many infections ready for your download
Keep liquids away from your computer to avoid spilling
Keep your PC clean. Free from dust and pet hair is a life saver

If you are getting weird error messages or your PC seems to be getting slow especially at startup and freezing, chances are this is a result of poor PC maintenance.
Do you have trouble finding the files on your computer?
When starting a program does it take forever to load?
Does your computer seem to have a mind of its own?

It may be time for basic housecleaning. Cleaning out the Temp folder in Window Vista is often a necessary maintenance step when the Windows Vista Disk Cleanup utility fails to completely clean out the Temp folder. Manually cleaning out the Temp folder in Window XP is often a necessary maintenance step when the Windows XP Disk Cleanup utility fails to clean out the Temp folder automatically. Flat screen monitors, also known as LCD monitors Wholesale Jerseys , are a little different than their CRT cousins when it comes to cleaning. Flat screen monitors require special care when cleaning because their displays are sensitive and easily scratched and damaged. Cleaning a Mouse track ball and rollers will make it a lot smoother, however most mice these days are laser and do not require much maintenance.
Over time files get scattered all over the hard drive and then get moved, deleted, copied and so on and fragments of unused space gets left over. By defragging your PC you will be basically organizing the contents of your drive. Your PC will move things around so that it's easier for the machine to find the bits needed to bring you the information you are requesting. There are programs that perform this task on the fly or run automatically when your computer is idle.
Another type of maintenance involves keeping drivers and patches up to date. Sometimes you may find that a mouse, keyboard Cheap Jerseys , or other USB device no long seems to work. If you plug the device into another free USB port it starts to work. USBs can be silly like that sometimes and you may find that your PC is behind on driver updates. It's important to keep up with Microsoft updates as they are constantly in a race to continue patching the many holes in its operating systems. The moment they fix one hole hackers find another. It seems like a constant battle. Hopefully one day Microsoft will start from scratch and build an OS much more solid. We have some software recommendations at our web site that keep your drivers and software up to date for you.
Want to add years to the life of your computer? Then make sure to set aside time for backing up your data and performing regular maintenance on your computer. Seek the advice and even help of an IT professional if needed.
To prevent your computer from running out of storage space, it's a good idea to remove files that you no longer need. I recommend purchasing a USB drive to not only move un-needed files and archive them but to hold a copy of your most important data. This is also a part of maintenance that you should get in the habit of doing. By backing up to a USB drive you no longer have to fear losing your data if your PC decides to stop working for some reason.
Set up a regular maintenance schedule to keep your computer running at its best. Make this an important habit and it will save you pain and grief down the road. For more info on PC tips and great software visit wwwiendlysystems.net.

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