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Decency All of nature has rules. Although unwritten and unspoken Chris Givens Jersey , in a primitive and savage way, right and wrong still exist there. The alpha wolf decides what is right in the pack because it possesses the physical power to exert its will. A tree may dictate what is right by exuding allelopathic chemicals into the soil out to its root perimeter in order to extinguish competing plants. A lion takes prey from a hyena and a hyena takes it from a leopard because that is the order of things and therefore the right thing. Instinct and physical attributes decree this form of morality in nature. Humans also require rules. Society, the in-your-face conglomeration of masses of people possessing tools and weapons that can inflict damage far beyond that of mere fang and claw, requires lots of rules and lots of alpha enforcement. Otherwise the population would regress to a might-makes-right brutal anarchy. Aside from maintaining basic order and security, it is a necessary function of government to set rules of decency. Decency lies in that more abstract middle ground between overt violence and criminality on the one hand, and peace and security on the other. Because definitions are not crisp, debate will always rage over what is or is not decent. This is also thought of as a soft arena of behavior since it is hard to identify actual damage caused by such things as vulgarity Leodis McKelvin Jersey , lewdness, debauchery, indiscretion, nakedness, sex and language. Those fearing the decay of society will hold to more inclusive definitions and more strict standards. Others object to any controls over nonviolent behavior, feeling they are unnecessarily intrusive and invade personal rights and freedoms. Whos right? Don't get me wrong with what follows. I'm no prude. Terrible things emerge from my lips at times without my mind even engaging. I can't help but laugh at some off-color jokes. But arent there lines we all sense that should not be erased. These lines may in fact create the emotional release from swearing and the humor of a dirty joke. So standards of decency may even psychologically benefit us by giving us forbidden zones to light heartedly poke at. (Seems like rather twisted logic to explain why swearing and dirty jokes work, but what other explanation do you have?) When I was young Brandon Brooks Jersey , Elvis's gyrating hips drove religious leaders and many parents crazy. It was the end of decency. Sodom and Gomorrah had returned. I scoffed. The old fogies just didn't get it. In my opinion, rock-n-roll was way too cool and certainly no more than innocent fun. I saw no danger because I had not lived enough life nor gained sufficient knowledge to understand that civilization survives only because of standards and order. Society was sensing a threat and that is why they reacted to rock-n-roll as they did. Maybe that's the way kids see the filthy language in rap, hip-hop and sexually explicit entertainment today. So I am trying hard to see the parallel and make every effort to be tolerant, not wanting to be like the adult mossbacks of my youth. But everything is a matter of degree. When is too far? Or is there no limit? Should the entertainment industry keep pushing the envelope until pornography is rated G and the evening news gives an update from live video cams mounted in bathrooms? Must children be exposed to what goes on under the covers of S&Mers, transvestites, man-boy couples, necrophiliacs Nigel Bradham Jersey , homosexuals and straight-sexers? When that gets boring do we go to live videos of rape, murder and torture? There are currently movies of this sort and they are justified as rtful free expression., might they not feel that such behavior is validated? Should we bring back the Roman Coliseum to get some extra flavor of real, live performance? If we can afford the special front row seats, we could even enjoy the thrill of hearing bones break, getting sprayed with some real blood or having a lopped-off appendage land in our lap as a souvenir. The Romans worked hard to prevent boredom among the citizens. For over 400 years the cruelty and gore for man and beast in the arena took on every imaginable grotesque creative form in order to maintain the interest of audiences. Shall we go that route again? Why not? Why draw lines? Let's not lose audience attention or record Chase Daniel Jersey , ticket or advertising dollars. Clear standards seem to be vanishing fast. There is now bare-fisted, no-holds-barred bloody competitive fighting on television. There is full-contact teen dancing that looks exactly like the sexual act. Gay and straight TV shows where free for all sex is the theme, glut programming. We're also treated to bare breast exposure, bumping and grinding, ignited horse flatulence, erection commercials and beastiality jokes during the family formatted Super Bowl. The wave of reality shows seem to have no limit in their reach for stupidity, shock and horror. It most certainly appears that the race is on to remove all standards and that conscience takes a back seat if dollars are to be made. In the mayhem of shock Rodney McLeod Jersey , titillation and entertainment fanfare, we seem to have lost our moral compass. Violence is now applauded in a perverted, blood-thirsty fiendishness. If in doubt, pan the audiences at professional boxing, ultimate fighting and wrestling, and when fighting mayhem breaks out during the more tame sporting events. Sex, an act meant for committed adults capable of shouldering the responsibilities of family Rueben Randle Jersey , is presented as mere thrill-ride recreation for people of all ages. Freedom of expression is important, but as with anything else in l.

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