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23-07-2015 07:38:04

OSRS gold Yes, this is the high level monster.at times he creates wisps which leech the health of nearby players, Despite what a certain other genie might tell you, genies can kill. But it will be counted as a safe death. Ni'bor is something of a Robin Williams tribute, in battle he speaks and some of his lines reference Williams. Most other noncombat skills can also used to weaken him in some way. For example, but can be dispelled by draining them, a process that goes faster with higher Divination.

He doesn't give out wishes or collect soles. But he is ugly, red, inked, pierced, and extremely tall. He uses a scimitar to pick his teeth. And he can appear almost anywhere on the map.The recent posted rs high level mob idea, he is the evil genie. You ain't never had a foe like him. He is your new player-suggested monster. Players with 90 Crafting can set up dummies which will absorb some of his damage as well.Do you like it? If you do, support him on Runelabs.

Fighting him is a social experience.Nibor has dozens of attacks that cover all sides of the combat triangle. Whenever Ni'bor appear, a serverwide announcement will go out with his location and the name of who summoned him. A temporary lodestone will also appear near him so other players can show up and help out. He can also temporarily turn players into animals during which time they can't attack or be damaged. Most of his attacks deal a great deal of damage, but are multi-target, so you're more likely to survive if you're with friends..


When you rub him lamp, you will get to select how strong you want him to be. The weakest version is solo and is scaled to your combat level.To start, you need a Sinister Lamp, which can be found on the rare drop table. Most D&D's and minigames also have a very rare chance of giving it as a reward, as well. The hardest version is tough enough to dispatch 10 Raptors, or mant more players RuneScape gold.

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