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21-03-2020 12:14:58

If you furthermore may face the matter of partially or fully HP Printer Printing Blank Pages, you've got opened the proper link. You’ll find out how to urge obviate HP printer printing blank pages on your Windows or Mac machine during this section.

Place an image or document on your printing machine’s automatic document feeder or flatbed then make a replica.

If you get a partially blank or completely blank printout, meaning the machine hardware has some problem and it's nothing to try to to with the PC software. If that’s the case, this solution won’t work. In case, your printer creates a replica, then meaning the difficulty lies within the wrong settings of the printer driver.
Part 2: Adjust Your Printer Driver

If you’re a Windows user, you've got to follow these steps.

Phase 1: attend and follow the printer directory.

Phase 2: Now open the printer properties to repair the difficulty of hp printer printing blank pages.

Step 3: Right-click on the printer and choose properties. If you're employing a new Windows version of Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10, then right-click on Hp Printer and choose the properties of the printer.

Step 4: Go and tap on the Advanced section.

Step 5: Press the processor print button.

Step 6: Click on WIN PRINT under the print processor option.

Step 7: Please make sure that RAW is chosen then click OK under the default data type option.

Step 8: attend the Advanced tab and see the choice to stay documents posted. you ought to unchecked it if you see that this feature is tested.

Step 9: so as to repair the difficulty of hp printer printing blank pages, prefer to make these changes.

Phase 10: attend the overall tab and click on PRINT TEST PAGE afterwards.

If the paper is written correctly, this ensures that the difficulty is going to be published.

If the paper isn't properly written, then you have got to travel to the following stage.

Step 11: Uninstall now and reinstall the software afterwards.

After that, attempt to re-print the document to seek out out whether or not the matter has been solved.

If the paper isn't properly written, which suggests that the matter lies within the software or the machine. to unravel the matter of hp printer printing blank pages, you would like to contact your phone or computer manufacturer.