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03-12-2019 07:34:51

Countless African American women everywhere depend on hair extensions to give their style a boost, and what was once a salon secret is now a worldwide trend. Spending hours at a salon is no longer necessary since hair extensions became readily available for everyone to choose their desired style, but the best advantage of all is using clip in hair extensions which are the fastest and easiest way imaginable to a complete makeover.

Clip in hair extensions are the only of their kind that can be attached yourself without a skilled professional checking up every few weeks. They're easier, safer and much more cost effective than other hair extension types that require gluing, bonding and braiding which are all extremely time consuming and potentially dangerous to your natural hair's health.

Other hair extensions methods include weaves which are the most popular amongst African American women due to their 2 month life span and easy styling. The downside to using a weave is that they must be checked regularly by a professional for maintenance and since the hair is sewn into your natural hair any vigorous activities can loosen and pull on the weave which puts strain on your scalp and can break your natural hair.

Bonding is even riskier since a harsh glue is applied to the weft of hair and then stuck to the root of your own hair. It's easy to attach but is messy and time consuming to remove. There are many hair extension methods which are fairly popular but the best will always be clip ins.

The greatest advantage of clip in hair extensions aside from their ease, price and low maintenance is the fact that the top brands are made with pure human hair for incredibly natural looking styles. Human hair (also known as Remy hair) is strong, durable, soft and shiny for beauty and quality. You can blow dry, flat iron and even color dye them to your liking without them losing their quality which is a lot more than what can be said about cheaper synthetic hair extensions.

A great brand for human hair extensions that can be swiftly clipped in and enjoyed is Easy Clips which manage all kinds of shades and textures to provide you with the look you've always wanted. So for instant beauty that is long lasting and completely natural looking, go for clip in human hair extensions and give your style a professional quality boost.