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20-05-2019 09:08:55

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Perhaps because of its very strong French influence the tiny Caribbean nation of St Barts has avoided such brash invitations to visit this tropical paradise. St Barts is the kind of place that has grown steadily in popularity almost entirely due to positive word of mouth from past visitors.

The islanders have avoided mass tourism by avoiding mass advertising; they are far more interested in quality when it comes to tourists, rather than quantity. Many return home from the island singing enthusiastic praises about this incredible vacation location. Then these are the same people who complain when other visitors want to enjoy their hidden, little piece of paradise.

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All of the accommodations to be found on the island including villas defiantly fall under the bracket of luxury class. With no prefabricated build em cheap- sell em fast ugly high rise construction, permitted anywhere on the island.

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St. Barts has chosen instead to offer the highest quality vacation to a smaller number of lucky visitors. These privileged few can partake of the 20 stunning beaches that circle the island, separating the land from the crystal clear, azure blue tropical warm seas.

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