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28-12-2018 09:34:52

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18-12-2018 02:09:58

by Kevin McGwin

NUUK Wholesale Los Angeles Dodgers Jerseys , Greenland, April 15 (Xinhua) -- In Greenland, suicide has become a sad fact of life. Latest statistics show that on average, at least one person out of the country's 56,000 population takes their own life each week. In some towns, it is the leading cause of death.

More than 50 Greenlanders commit suicide each year. In comparison Wholesale Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Jerseys , Denmark, of which Greenland is part, has about 700 suicides annually. Were it to have a suicide rate as high as Greenland, that number would be 3,000.

Such has not always been the case, however. Until the 1970s Wholesale Kansas City Royals Jerseys , suicide was uncommon in Greenland. Now it has the highest suicide rate in the world. Finding a reason has been difficult. Some experts point to alcoholism, others poverty. Domestic violence and child abuse are also frequently cited as causes.

For young Greenlanders, these problems may be exacerbated by conflict between traditional Inuit culture and Western lifestyles.

Whatever the reason, the newest figures indicate official efforts to combat the problem have been unsuccessful.

Now the Greenlandic government is hoping that a new strategy will prove successful. The difference, health ministry officials say, is that public servants in the capital city of Nuuk are formulating better prevention efforts and have turned to the groups that deal with at-risk individuals.

"In developing the strategy we brought together people who work in different fields Wholesale Houston Astros Jerseys ," said Susanne Stilling, a Health Ministry official working with suicide prevention programmed, in a recent interview with Xinhua.

"Their contributions will be formulated into recommendations that schools, health clinics, local governments and anyone else dealing with suicide prevention can use," she added.

Suicide-prevention courses are already widely offered Wholesale Detroit Tigers Jerseys , but the new guidelines will focus on how individual communities can come up with their own method for addressing the issue.

"It is important that each community comes up with a system that works for them," Stilling said. "People from different groups need to be able to speak with each other and we need to make prevention efforts as locally oriented as possible, so that if someone attempts or commits suicide, they can all work together so they all know what will be expected of them."

Statistics also show that many of those who commit suicide are family or friends of a suicide victim, and the Greenlandic health ministry program will help make sure that especially young people who have lost someone to suicide can express their feelings.

"We all have tough times, but the program teaches children how to deal with problems Wholesale Cleveland Indians Jerseys ," she said. "Things might not go your way all the time, but with the right help you can get over it."

At the heart of another alternative approach to suicide prevention is seeking to address the issue not though counseling but through dance.

The performance is described by Svenn Syrin, the head of the national theatre, which is staging the performance, as a "docu-dans," and describes the life of a woman who witnessed the suicides of four family members and the murder of a friend.

She herself nearly committed suicide. Instead Wholesale Cincinnati Reds Jerseys , though, she received counseling and has since gone on to become a suicide-prevention counselor herself.

Even though her experience with suicide is extreme, even by Greenlandic standards, Syrin expects that people will be able relate to it, and that it will serve as a powerful lesson.

"Her story was so gruesome," Syrin said. "But I thought that there was no way it could go untold. She's survived. She didn't give up Wholesale Chicago Cubs Jerseys , even though she wanted to at many points along the way."

The performance's title, Mikiseq, is taken from the pseudonym the woman uses for herself. The word means "little," and Syrin said that even though her character has been anything but, her story holds a lesson for all.

"Suicide is a human problem. It is important that we talk about it and tell people the stories of the people who were stronger than it was," he said.

The performance uses dance as a way to teach people about the emotional aspect of suicide Wholesale Chicago White Sox Jerseys , but it will be up to counselors on hand during the performance to speak with members of the audience grappling themselves with a suicide.

"Dancers tell the story. Professionals help people," he said.

After being performed in Nuuk, Mikiseq will go on tour of Greenland's largest towns. In the hopes that its message can spread beyond Greenland to other areas struggling with high suicide rates, the performance is narrated in English, in addition to Greenlandic and Danish.

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