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08-08-2018 04:35:35

DUBLIN Andrei Vasilevskiy Jersey , July 10 (Xinhua) -- Ireland said on Monday it plans to raise up to 750 million euros (855 million U.S. dollars) this week in its fifth dual bond auction of this year.

In a statement, the National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) said it will auction treasury bonds on Thursday through a dual auction of debt that matures in 2022 and 2045.

The auction will be conducted on the Bloomberg auction system and will be confined to recognised primary dealers

The NTMA returned to dual auctions in February this year for the first time since 2010.

The agency says it will issue between 9 and 13 billion euros of long-term bonds this year.

In Ireland, the NTMA is responsible for borrowing on behalf of the government and managing the national debt.

Last year, the agency raised 8.25 billion euros in funding. (1 Euro = 1.14 U.S. dollars)

Research vessel "the Kexue" leaves port in China's Qingdao

Aerial photos show Hukou Waterfall of Yellow River

Shelter forest protects desert highway from intrusion of sand in Xinjiang

Taiwan's 1st unmanned bus starts test run in Taipei

Weekly choices of Xinhua photo

China's Qinghai Hoh Xil enters world heritage list as natural site

Chinese aircraft carrier formation arrives in HK, to open for public to visit

Main structure of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge finished

Dominate Your Market! Advertise Your Auto Repair Business The Right Way Dominate Your Market! Advertise Your Auto Repair Business The Right Way May 29, 2013 | Author: Jenny Peng | Posted in Business

Have you heard the amazing stories about an automotive repair service business get started from something as simple as a garage sale! It can make you start thinking about what your problems are when it comes to success. Before you get overwhelmed by the possibilities look at all of our practical tips to get going in the right direction.

When running any automotive repair service business, you should be very well-educated about the laws surrounding the work that you are doing. Getting in legal trouble can cost you a huge amount of money and permanently damage your reputation. Being well-versed about the laws well ensure that you will never get in an unexpected legal battle.

Purchase a marketing list with contact info and demographics. These lead lists can easily be bought from reliable lead vendors. Just make sure that you are purchasing fresh lead lists and not those that have been used a lot of times before.

Knowing what sets you apart from your competition can be the defining factor in growing your automotive repair service business or failing. Write down a unique selling proposition statement that briefly summarizes your auto repair center’s unique products andor services and why you are better than the competition. This should be succinct and to the point. Be sure to memorize this-because you will be asked!

When starting an automotive repair service business, it is important that you have a strong support system behind you that can help you to get through the struggles. Your family and friends will have to understand why you will be so busy and strapped for time. If they do not support you, you might find yourself more stressed than you need to be, so talk to them before starting your business.

if you wish to augment the efficiency of your automotive repair service business, take your decisions on time instead of delaying them. The less you waste time, the more fast your plans will prove to be effective. Also have trust and confidence in yourself when you make your decisions.

Starting an automotive repair service business is not going to be easy. While your business grows, you will need to give it a lot of careful attention to lead it to success. The work will be long and hard, and you will have to make sacrifices. In the end, though, it will all be worth it.

One great way you can increase the amount of exposure your auto repair center gets by adding your automotive repair service business to online directories. These directories are a major resource for people who are looking for particular products or services, and having your business included in them can really increase your profits.

The two kinds of auto repair center costs are variable and fixed. Keeping the variables low can help maximize profit. This way you spend less cash ad be able to earn more in an efficient manner.

Did these ideas spark an interest about auto repair service? Why not go to your favorite search engine and start typing in auto repair shops roanoke? We promise you might discover great solutions.

China's economy ended 2017 on strong footing with a better-than-expected growth rate and improved structure, official data showed Thursday.

  Tourists visit a characteristic town in Guantao County, north China's Hebei Province, July 19, 2017. China's economy grew 6.9 percent year on year in 2017, well above the official target of around 6.5 percent, data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) showed Thursday. Gross domestic product (GDP) totaled 82.71 trillion yuan (about 12.84 trillion U.S. dollars) in 2017, with the service sector accounting for more than half of the total. (XinhuaMu Yu)

The world's second largest economy expanded 6.9 percent year-on-year in 2017, higher than the 6.7 percent growth registered in 2016, data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) showed.

The reading marked the first acceleration in the annual growth pace in seven years and was well above the official target of around 6.5 percent.

"Major macroeconomic indicators all beat market expectations, pointing to economic stabilization," said Ning Jizhe, head of the NBS.

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