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14-05-2018 11:29:18

  SKOPJE, April 10 (Xinhua) -- Three groups of migrants from the Greek camp in Idomeni tried to illegally cross the Macedonian-Greek border on Sunday at three different locations.

  Zoran Lazorovski, manager of the Gevgelija transit reception center, at southern border with Greece, reported to local media in Macedonia.

  Three Macedonian police officers were reportedly injured in the clashes and they were transported to the Medical Center in Gevgelija, the Macedonian Ministry of Interior confirmed.

  Local media reported that some of the migrants are injured as well.

  According to Lazarovski, "The three groups of migrants, comprised of 500-700 people, who have been staying at Idomeni camp for a longer period of time, tried to illegally cross the border and damaged the protective fence on three locations somewhere between the border elevation 59 and Moin village."

  The group headed towards the border-line fence separating Greece and Macedonia and the migrants started to throw stones towards the Macedonian policemen who were deployed along the fence as soon as the disturbances started, added Lazarovski.

  Macedonian police together with the intervention of the Greek police used shock and tear gas bombs to stop the groups of migrants in their attempt to cross the border and afterwards they were sent back to the Idomeni camp.

  Police officials informed that the presence of police and army at the border has been boosted and that the situation is stable.

  According to the media reports, the migrants were carrying pamphlets and were shouting verses like "Today we cross or we die" while trying to cross the border illegally.

  Under a deal finalized with the EU last month, Turkey will take back all migrants, including Syrians, who have entered Greece illegally via Turkey since March 20 and are deemed ineligible for asylum in the continent.

  In return, the EU will resettle the same amount of Syrian refugees being sheltered in Turkey, with the number capped at 72,000.

  A total of 124 refugees and migrants were returned to Turkey from Greek islands on Friday, the second of such mission in a week under the EU-Turkey deal to cope with the refugee crisis.

  Greece started sending back to Turkey on Monday the first batch of 136 people under the EU-Turkey deal.

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