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one copy of Windows was installed on multiple PCs McAfee Software License Terms specify a certain number of devices (PCs) on which a single copy of McAfee may be installed.
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19-06-2019 09:37:06

The internet is full of useful information and also malware and dangerous programs and viruses. If you have used public wireless networks for shopping and banking activities, there is the risk of your online privacy being invaded. Norton Nu16 can shield all of your devices from malware attacks and cybercriminals. To overcome these problems, you could use a virtual private network or VPN for short.

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How does a VPN work?

VPN software use encryption to connect your devices to the internet. This adds security and privacy to your communication which is crucial especially when you are using public Wi-Fi. Cybercriminals often target public wireless networks to steal personal information sent and received through these types of networks.

Apart from that, you may have used free public Wi-Fi offered at a hotel, airport, and coffee shop. A hacker can snoop on the network and steal your confidential data. You can get ultimate antivirus protection for your devices, identity, and online privacy from norton.com/setup.

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Firstly, a VPN can transform your device’s connection to the internet into a more secure and safer browsing experience. In addition, it could also enhance the security of your digital privacy and personal information. For instance, when using public Wi-Fi without added security measures, your data can be used to commit identity theft. The hackers might even be able to intercept your confidential data like passwords to gain unauthorized to your online accounts.

With Norton Setup, you can prevent your personal data from being stolen through public Wi-Fi set up by cybercriminal. Furthermore, it may also protect your data when passing through a legitimate wireless network hacked by a cybercriminal. Your internet searches and browsing activity might remain private and prevent ISPs from selling your browsing history to third parties. Third parties can use this information to target you for advertising purposes and your details could be accessed in a data breach.

What are the benefits of using a VPN?

The enhanced protection offered by a VPN may not be enough to consider it for your daily use. You might have received phishing emails from scammers which are often tailored to your interests. The main objective of these emails is to trick or lure you into clicking malicious links that contain dangerous programs. It can also deploy malware to your devices which could log your keystrokes, commit identity theft, and lock you out of your data for ransom. In short, the following are some of the excellent benefits of getting a VPN from norton.com/nu16.

•    It can encrypt your online activity to prevent it from being intercepted by government, an internet service provider (ISP), and other third-parties.
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19-06-2019 06:35:40

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