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14-03-2018 02:02:13

ZHUHAI, Guangdong, May 13 (Xinhua) -- A total of 32 Taiwanese telecom fraud suspects deported from Malaysia in April will be investigated and may face prosecution on the mainland, said the Ministry of Public Security here Friday.

The mainland will maintain communication with the Taiwan side and deal with the case under the principles of curbing the crimes, protecting the interests of victims and upholding justice, said Chen Shiqu, a senior police officer with the ministry, at a meeting with a delegation of judicial officials from Taiwan.

The two sides have met to discuss joint fights against telecom frauds from Thursday to Saturday in the southern city of Zhuhai.

The mainland hoped Taiwan can try its best to help retrieve scammed money so that the mainland victims can have their money back, Chen said.

The Taiwanese suspects are held at two detention centers in Zhuhai after being deported from Malaysia together with 65 mainland suspects.

"So far 15 of them have asked for legal assistance and five wanted to hire lawyers through their families. The rest are still weighing their options," said Li Hongping, deputy chief of Zhuhai police.

Most of them are in good health, except a few having skin infection and two showing symptoms of unstable blood pressure, which, however, is under control after proper treatment, according to the detention centers.

Only one who has suffered hernia for eight years have been hospitalized but in stable conditions.

The Taiwan delegation members were provided details of Taiwanese suspects' life at the centers through on-the-spot inspections and discussions with workers at the centers.

Chen Wen-chi, who leads the Taiwan delegation, appreciated the effort the detention centers made to protect legal rights of these suspects.

The Straits Exchange Foundation will keep in touch with their families and take care of legal assistance and other matters, Chen said.

WASHINGTON Under Armour Mens Shoes , April 4 (Xinhua) -- U.S. President Barack Obama on Saturday turned to the public for support to continued nuclear talks with Iran toward a final deal, one day after a framework pact was reached.

In his weekly radio and online address, Obama described the tentative deal as a "good" one that meets U.S. "core objectives" and cuts off "every pathway that Iran could take to develop a nuclear weapon."

The preliminary accord was sealed on Thursday following eight days of intense negotiations between Iran's foreign minister and his counterparts from Britain, China, France Under Armour Womens Shoes , Russia, the United States plus Germany in the Swiss city of Lausanne.

The deal sets limits on Iran's nuclear activities for it to take Tehran at least one year to produce enough fissile materials to produce a nuclear weapon, and allows regular inspections of the facilities inside the Islamic republic.

In return, the U.S. and the European Union will suspend nuclear-related sanctions against Tehran, with the lifting of all past UN Security Council sanction resolutions.

Iran and the six powers are set to work even harder over the next three months to flesh out the framework deal with details to make for a final and comprehensive accord by the end of June.

"This is a long-term deal Under Armour Basketball Shoes , with strict limits on Iran's program for more than a decade and unprecedented transparency measures that will last for 20 years or more," Obama said.

With the U.S. and Cuba put on track to a normalized relationship in December, Obama is setting his sights on a nuclear deal with Iran as another foreign policy legacy as he is to leave office in January 2017.

He is facing critics at home and abroad, who say a deal will not prevent Iran from developing a nuclear bomb without dismantling its nuclear program altogether, a goal the Obama administration terms impossible.

Some U.S. lawmakers are working on bills that ask for a congressional review of any deal with Iran and threaten more sanctions against the Islamic republic should talks fail to produce a final deal at the end of June.

Obama and his top aides are reaching out to congressional leaders as well as those of Israel and Gulf countries Under Armour Shoes , who are wary of a deal with Iran.

"Here in the United States, I expect a robust debate," Obama said in his weekly address. "We'll keep Congress and the American people fully briefed on the substance of the deal."

He reiterated, however, a negotiated "comprehensive Under Armour Curry Shoes Sale , long-term deal" is the best option for addressing the disputes over Iran's nuclear program.

The other two options available now -- bombing Iran's nuclear facilities or abandoning negotiations and imposing tougher sanctions -- will only start another war in the Middle East and allow Iran to make more progress in its nuclear program, Obama stressed.

LONDON, Sept. 10 (Xinhua) -- FTSE 100 Index, British benchmark stock market gauge, Wednesday increased by 0.02 percent Under Armour Youth Shoes Sale , or 1.11 points, to 6,830.11, as no important economic data were released.

The index increased little by the end of trading, helped by gains from Kingfisher Under Armour Boys Shoes Sale , Barratt Developments. But the rise was limited by a host of blue chips that went ex-dividend alongside an initial dip in Wall Street stocks.

Investors were focusing on a new opinion poll which looked set to cause fresh shock waves in the Scottish independence debate on Wednesday as British political leaders headed to Scotland in a last-ditch bid to save the union.

Kingfisher's share price increased by 4.26 percent, topped the gainers of the blue chips. Barratt Developments, Pearson, Weir Group, Barclays increased by 2.81 percent Under Armour Kids Shoes Sale , 2.65 percent, 1.08 percent and 1.04 percent respectively.

Admiral Group led the top losers of the blue chips with a share price drop of 4.64 percent, followed by ARM Holdings (2.42 percent), Sports Direct International (1.67 percent), G4S (1.60 percent) and GKN (1.47 percent).

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