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13-09-2017 10:07:18

In 1977, the sneaker brand vans leather authentic Vans introduced a new shoe style. It was a low-top skate shoe, decorated along its side with a single squiggly line, called the “jazz stripe,” that had originated as a random doodle by Vans co-founder Paul Van Doren. At the time, the shoe was known as the “Style 36,” but since then it has been renamed the Old Skool.The Vans business as a whole is currently going strong. Rendle noted that other styles, such as its classic slip-ons, are also seeing substantial growth. The brand, in fact, is the largest and fastest-growing in VF Corp.’s portfolio, which includes outdoor gear maker The North Face and footwear brand Timberland.

By the time the Vans Era vans sk8 hi black suede conquered the skateboarding world, company founder Paul van Doren was still looking for some distinguishing emblem for his Vans. Meanwhile, Nike and adidas had already established the legendary Swoosh and the famous three stripes, which meant that the hobby doodler van Doren had to draw some sketches on his own. He came up with the “Jazz Stripe”, the wavy side stripe, which is a stable on the Vans Old Skool since then.The so-called “Style 36” then debuted in 1978 as a new Vans skate shoe but soon made its way into the music scene. Bands such as Black Flag, Descendents and Slayer wore the Vans Old Skool and made it the trend shoe of the 80s and 90s. Over the past couple of years, Vans released several limited music tributes and band signature models.

As one of three original designs, this classic vans slip ons black and white was sold incredible 12 times on the first day of production in 1966. Even though the sales have increased a lot since then, the design of the Authentic has hardly changed. Although the shoe consists only of a vulcanized outsole and lightweight canvas, it is an absolute allrounder. Depending on the color combination, the Authentic works with both a casual skating outfit and snazzy slacks. The skateboarders of the late 60s discovered the Vans Authentic due to its good fit on a skateboard deck.

Now that we’re well into vans slip ons leather March and the snow in Victoria is hopefully gone for good for awhile, we thought it was safe to show off what Vans (and Baggins!) has in store for you this spring.This year, Vans took their colour assortment to a whole new level with their springy colours in basically all of their styles, most notably in the Sk8-Hi’s, Old Skools, Authentics, and Slip-ons.Now, they might not be for everyone, but to someone, they are going to be everything. The bonus factor is that since they are leather, they’re going to last for several decades – perfect for when neon comes and goes out of fashion.