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13-09-2017 04:40:05

Appealing to the customer is the key to being successful in a retail store. This is even more important today Duncan Keith Canada Jersey , where shoppers have access to any and everything they want online. While the merchandise being offered is still the most important component, the way that it is presented helps to distinguish one shopping experience from all the rest.

When creating a product presentation there is a number of factors that need to be taken into account to ensure that the right customer experience is created.

A Look Inside

In order to get customers into the store, the first thing to consider is the window. This provides customers passing by a glimpse of what is inside. After all, they don’t call it “window shopping” for nothing.

There are a number of stores that choose not to even present anything in the window, but this is a huge mistake. Creating a visually appealing presentation of items in the window is a great way to grab a customer’s attention and encourage them to come inside.

Keeping the Interior Appealing

Now that the customer is inside because of the appealing presentation in the window, it is essential that you have exciting produce presentations inside in order to keep them interested. In many cases, this can be helped by hiring a Custom Display Designer. When you do this, you can have unique presentations created that make your store more interesting and intriguing than your competition. Keep in mind a few rules of thumb when it comes to shopping:

* Customers typically browse a store in a counter clockwise direction Drew Doughty Canada Jersey , which means specials, unique items and other “exciting” deals should be directly to the right when they enter.

* Place the presentations at the front of the store without obstructing the view of what lies further inside.

* Don’t let long store aisles lead to a dead end, instead have something waiting for the customer.

* Create a diverse shopping experience by creating “sections” in the store with different colors and themes.

Make the Product the Star

While the presentation of products is important, it is also essential that the actual products are arranged in a manner that is appealing to the customer. Create a product presentation that is visually stimulating, without being overwhelming.

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