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22-06-2016 09:59:26

I went paintballing with my friend today. In fact http://www.hockeylightningonline.com/Ry … an-Jersey/ , I?ll tell you about it (soon). Sure, it?s not airsoft, but I got shot with an airsoft gun for the first time. You see, he bought an airsoft pistol (unfortunately, not from MrAirsoft), and I let him shoot me with it. It?s a spring gun, and it?s pretty cool. The clip loads in and out smoothly, and it holds like 15 BBs. You activate the spring by cocking the whole top of it back. Anyways, the shot did sting quite a bit (about the same as a paintball, actually), but I didn?t mind. The paintball game was really fun. First, I shall say what kind of guns were used. I have a Tippmann 98, only customization is a longer barrel. Now my friend? he has a Tippmann 98 Custom, with the same barrel as me (when I bought mine off eBay, I bought him the same one; it?s a good barrel). Also, he has a response trigger, and a Cyclone hopper that feeds the balls really fast and has an anti-chop system. Along with the gun modifications, he had camoflauge clothing, and a belt which had slots for extra CO2 and paintballammo cylinders. To say the least, he had an advantage. Next: The field. A regular forest, lots of small branches that break the balls http://www.hockeylightningonline.com/On … at-Jersey/ , so you have to try hard to find open area. There are two sides, seperated by a small river. Lots of big trees to hide behind. Lots of thorns too; they prick me, and it injects some kind of poison that makes my arms temporarily lock up (like, for two seconds). It?s weird. Now, the actual action. My friend won the first game (there were six total games) because I ran out of ammo (which wasn?t fair; as I said, he had extra paintballs in his belt, while I was playing with only the balls in my hopper. After this game, I put one cylinder in my pocket for in-game reloading). The next game was a tie because my friend paused to ask if a ball I hit him with exploded, and I went up to him and I said it hadn?t, then he said, ?Oh so the game isn?t over!? and he started shooting at me from really close. He hit me in the side of the mask and the arm, but it oddly didn?t hurt. Anyways, I yelled at him to stop, and then I resumed my place behind the tree I was at and then he shot my hopper (which is as good a hit as anywhere on the body). However, we agreed to make it a tie because he had shot at me after pausing the game and that had messed me up. The third game I won. That was a good game, because I had used a lot of ammo and I knew that I had to make a risky move to win. We started on the same side of the forest, and we were shooting at each other and I knew that if I kept at it, I?d run out first. So I ran backwards fast, narrowing dodging some paintballs, and then I was out of range. Then I crossed to the other side and I had a better angle, so I managed to hit him in the hopper. After that http://www.hockeylightningonline.com/Ni … ov-Jersey/ , we took a break. We went up into this huge, empty field. We took turns shooting at each other (that?s quite fun), and I got hit in the neck bone, it?s called a caligula or calicula, I forget, but it hurt a lot. But I hit him a few times too, so that was cool. Then we played a short game (really short, like one minute, maybe less) in the open field, but then my friend said he didn?t want to waste CO2. I actually had hit him, but he didn?t count it in the winslosses column (I didn?t want to either). Unfortunately, I lost the fourth game. I had moved around a lot (I always move around a lot, he usually stays in one small area), and then it had wound up that we were straight across from each other, sporadically peaking around the tree to fire or check our opponent?s position. I had leaned out too much and he hit me right in the arm; hurt quite a bit. The fifth game was especially fun, especially the end, where I won. It was like the other games, I moved around, lots of light shooting, and then the showdown (it?s rare that we get hit in the light shooting). Now, the showdown was two parts; we were fighting http://www.hockeylightningonline.com/Ma … is-Jersey/ , but then my friend moved down into a trench like area and went into the prone position. Now I just loved when that happened, because when he did that, I knew I was going to win. He was COMPLETELY open, no tiny branches that would obstruct the trajectory of my shots. So I just moved out and fired a barrage, and three hit him. He said ?STOP? after the first hit but the other balls were in the air. It was great. If you?ve been keeping the score, he had won two, I had won two, and there was a tie. It was about time to go, so I suggested we leave it at a tie. But that wasn?t good enough for him, he wanted a tie?breaker! So I gave it to him. It was a great game. There was lots of moving, lots of mini-showdowns that ended in nothing, but it was fun. Finally, we were on both sides of the forest, shooting back and forth. This was the last game, so I wasn?t feeling conservative with my paintballs. I was behind a tree, and the left side, there was a lot of small branches that always blocked the ball, well, most of the time, so that was not an option. Now, I?m left handed http://www.hockeylightningonline.com/Jo … in-Jersey/ , and I had to shoot from my right, and it was hard. We shot at each other for like six minutes, but then my friend made a mistake. When he turned behind the tree, part of him was exposed. Instead of wasting time and perhaps letting him realize his falter, or take too much time to aim, I just pointed the gun in the general direction of him and fired about ten times. It looked like two of the balls hit him, so I won! That?s right, I won the game, 3-2 (plus the 1 tie). Despite my disadvantages, I managed to pull through and use all my cunning and strength to persevere and win. And it was quite satisfying, because the last time I played, I almost easily won, but this time it was much harder, so when I won, it felt much better.