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Firstly Lightning Jason Garrison Jersey , it is quite possible that your yoyo will be ready to play straight out of the package, in this case give it a few spinners (see point 6) to see whether it suits your playing style. If you are unsure, or are attaching a new string, a general rule is that the end of your yoyo string should just reach your belly button when the yoyo is fully unwound and resting on the floor at your feet.

2. Tying a slip knot for your finger loop

Brand new yoyos should come with a slip knot already tied, but if your yo is getting a lot of action, you ll soon be needing to replace your string and then you ll need to tie your own slip knot at the end. Before tying the slip knot itself, you need to tie a permanent loop onto the end of the string, this loop should be about big enough to fit over your thumb. Next hold the loop in one hand, whilst with the other grabbing the string about 12cm below the permanent loop and doubling it over. Then push this string through the permanent loop to create a new loop. Insert your middle finger through this new loop and pull the string to tighten it up.

3. Changing the configuration of your yoyo

Modern yoyos are made to allow the yoyo to spin freely at the bottom of the string, giving you time to perform advanced tricks. For beginners, fixed axle yoyos can be made to return immediately to your hand without the free spinning action. You can do this by creating a double loop around the axle: grab the string above the yo, untwist in an anti clockwise direction and then wrap one of the resulting two threads twice round the axle. This same method can also be used to increase the response (ease with which the yoyo can be made to return up the st.